Roller Set Twist Out on Natural Hair

A roller set twist out is a beautiful way to jazz up what would be a regular twist out and is so easy to install.  They require the same amount of time you would spend committing to installing twists all over your natural hair, but add so much dimension with the ringlets they provide.  The results are well worth the extra few steps – I promise!


I washed my hair with Alba Botanica Hawaiian Shampoo and followed up with a condition, deep condition, and oil leave-in using TGIN products.  I let my hair air-dry for a while to the point where… well… it was 100% dry.  To style, I had to wet my hair with some water, used a cream styler from TGIN to twist my hair, and before I went to bed I set my hair on white and blue perm rods.

The next day, I removed the rods, separated the twists to my liking, picked my roots and ROCKED IT OUT!



The volume was real + the results = amazeballs! Here are a few videos that are similar to the install and takedown:

Roller Set Twist Out Tutorial

Soft Curls to Fluffy Fro Tutorial

The next day, my hair much like the days old results of the above video I linked. If you follow me on instagram then you’ve seen the results.  If not, I’ll share that in the next post!

By the way, my organic and natural beauty product journey is HITTIN’ and my face is loving the latest purchases from Gabriel Cosmetics!


How much time do you normally take to twist and rod set your hair?

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  • Urban_SoccerM0m

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m deep conditioning as i brows through your site. I’ve really been down about my hair lately, but this just gave me some hope! Thanks!!!