How to Grow Out a Tapered Cut & My Hair Color Journey


This is a chronicle, or should I say the evolution how to grow out a tapered cut and the different hair colors I’ve explored on my natural hair during this time.  Time has flown by and as I sat here and reflected I just had to share this journey with you all.  It’s amazing how looks evolve over time – check it:


Back in May 2014, I went in the bathroom and chopped my hair off because I was tired of the wonky look my grow out phase from shaving my sides was giving me. I live for a shape – the shape of your hair gives it life. The color was already existing from a previous dye job so it fit perfectly. I feel like color takes hair to a whole ‘nother level of greatness!


Wanting to experiment with shorter hair and more color, I chopped off more from the sides and back and rinsed my hair purple. The color you see there is after 4 washes. I typically would define my coils in this stage because I loved the illusion of shorter hair as my hair grew out.


Eventually, I wanted to do more.  With the help of Creme of Nature Shine in Color Getaway, I went balls to the wall shorter on the sides and back and kept the top longer (nope, I didn’t cut any from the top). Blonde was the color of choice and with the brown base it grew out quite nicely.

creme-of-nature-exotic-shine-hair-color-askpRoy-ombreToday, I rock a bolder color combination and my length is slightly closer to the length I started with back in May 2014.   I am growing my hair out but I had to have a … you guessed it: shape.  Shape, as I stated before, is so important so it was necessary to get it shaped. I took a little off the top so that everything would flow together to my liking and I. Live!

So don’t be afraid to HAVE FUN WITH YOUR HAIR! It’s yours so do what you want.

If you don’t like it, buy it. Weave it. Color it. Cut it. Do whatever it is that you like.

UPDATE: Here is a video I created detailing the whole process of growing out shaved sides as well as growing out a tapered cut (my experience)

There is life after shaved sides and you can read about how I grew those out here. There is also life between long lengths, medium lengths and shorts lengths.

I said all this to say: Get your life ’cause I’ve gotten mine!

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