MANE Events: Flawless Finger Coil Out on Natural Hair


Whether you are rocking finger coils on short natural hair or you have longer hair that is coiled, there is a way to get a flawless finger coil out on natural hair.  As a matter of fact, there are levels to this style.  It is all the way possible to wear the finger coils (or faux starter locs) for 5-7 days and then transition into this style by unraveling the back and the sides of your hair (especially if you are wearing or considering rocking a tapered cut on your natural hair) and keeping the middle in the coils.  Then, when you are ready, take down the rest.  That will last you another 7-10 if you are adamant about low manipulation styling… just be careful to make sure the hair doesn’t tangle.

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All you need for this style are two things: your fingers and some oil.  I use the oil to coat my hands AND fingers so that this process is easy.  Usually, when I unravel the coil I use my fingers to coil the shape (nothing drastic, just the twirling motion) and my coil out comes out perfectly!  Take a look: I was able to rock this style (coils and coil out) for totally of 7 days – SEVEN DAYS!  I didn’t take pictures every single day, but here are the the ones I did snap while wearing the style: finger-coils-finger-coil-out-askpRoy   Day Six looks seriously good, right?  I was debating on whether or not the hat I was wearing would mess up my hair but nope… didn’t do any damage.  I didn’t even have hat hair!

Hat or nah? | Day 6 Hair | #fingercoilout |

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I’m all about making hairstyles last and only really wash my hair when I HAVE to… either because I’m exploring new brands or the wreckage of working out has taken its toll on my strands.  Either way, this style was fun and beautiful!  I think shape and color play a huge role in how confident I was this with this style this time around.  I would definitely rock it again!

Finally, when you are ready for the switch up, make sure you take the time to detangle your hair.  You can learn how to safely remove protective styles here.

Have you rocked finger coils?  If so, have you turned it into a finger coil out?