MANE Events: Textured Finger Coils (Faux Starter Locs)


Ever wonder what finger coils on short natural hair looks like?  I finally took the time to install them all over my hair and not just the back (like my last style). Unlike many finger coil styles, this particular set embodies a lot of texture in the front which I am really digging!

What I didn’t notice is that the final result looked similar to starter locs.  It wasn’t until one of my line sisters pointed that out to me that I put two and two together and I like that observation so I’m going to roll with it and refer to this style as faux starter locs.

Though I will post a video tutorial soon as my life is back on track (read: computer stops crashing – I’m having technical issues so bare with me), I wanted to update you guys on how I am currently sporting this style.


To execute this style you’ll need a few different things, hopefully most of these items you have on hand:

A Gel or Product with Jelly Consistency (such as a product you would use for defining your coils) For example, I use Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard to define my coils or Eco Styler Argon Oil Gel.  Flax Seed gel would also render similar results.  These are just suggestions, you’ve just got to use what’s best for you.

A Cream Based Moisturizer (optional) – I like to pair creams with gels to ward off crunchiness. Most recently, I used Kurlee Belle products to install finger coils and it worked just fine!  You can totally gauge whether or not you should use it or if it will weigh down your hair.


The installation process is much like the one shown below:


A video posted by pRoy (@askproy) on

Now I will probably make a longer video for YouTube, but I hope you guys can at least see the process here. Instead of taking smaller sections of hair, I used larger sections in the middle to create my coils. I also twisted my hair majority of the way down before twirling it, something that I only do at the roots for my shorter hair. Lastly, I make sure my hair is thoroughly detangled, saturated with water, and has a good amount of product to create the coils. If the coils start to puff up WAY too much, I’ll go back over them with an extra twirl or two.

By Day 2, I tried something new with my hair: a pinned up style. IT WAS SO EASY TO EXECUTE, but I didn’t record it. I literally just used hair pins to pin up the middle. I added a bit of flair with a headband. That is IT.


My plans are to keep this style for a few days and then unravel for a BOMB (yes, speaking it into existence) finger coil out.  Stay tuned!

Have you ever worn finger coils all over your hair?  Long or short hair, what was your experience with them?