MANE Events: From Raggedy to ROCKSTAR with a Frohawk on Natural Hair


“Mom, did you see her hair?”

Yep. I got that and a few more stares as I sported my frohawk this past week.  I’ve concluded that creating a frohawk on natural hair while sporting this tapered cut is one of the easiest and quickest styles to create.  I just want to thank God for quick styles and for my hair!  Because I am able to define my coils in such a short amount of time (30 minutes), I have an emergency hairstyle that is an easy go-to.  Couple that with my new hair color?  CALL ME ROCKSTAR P!


So how in the world did my hair end up like it was in the first place?
Well, I washed and deep conditioned my hair earlier in the week but didn’t style it.  To get by, I wore turbans (headpieces) if I had to go out.  By day three, I was sick of looking at it.  It was dry, it was matted, and it needed some love!  I wanted to wear my hair out and opted for something quick and easy hence the frohawk was born.

The style is reallllllly simple.  Really. freakin’. simple.  Plus, I only needed two products to complete this look: a styler and water.  For my styler, I picked up the first thing I saw in my product stash which just so happened to be CURLS Blueberry Control Jelly.  I’ve never used it before this style anddddddddd I just don’t know about it quite yet.  Gotta use it more to draw a solid conclusion.  Results speak volumes – the look is solid.


The style lasted about three days, which was fine because I wanted to wear my hair differently by then.  Besides wearing the style out how it was, I also sported it with a hat (learn how to wear a hat on your natural hair here) and that was realllllly cute!  Even when I wore my natural hair in a frohawk when it was longer, it never was this easy to execute (probably because it was longer and I never knew how to master defining my coils back then).


So as you can see, this style is quick, easy, and pulls through in the clutch!  It will also garner a lot of attention so BE READY to say “Thank You” and smile really big!!

 How are you rockin’ your hair these days?

  • shelivesinbklyn

    Thank you for posting your tutorials. I recently started following your posts on IG. I was quite comfortable with wearing my hair in it’s shrunken state, which looks like a twa, but is actually chin-length when stretched; and I settled on the idea that my hair will never be shiny like the hair models on the product containers. However, last week I came to this site for the first time to see your tutorial on defining your curls and attempted to use your technique (gel and combing/coiling with a rat-tail comb) on my own hair. I was blown away by the definition and sheen I was able to achieve and your technique has completely transformed the way in which I will style my hair henceforth.

    Furthermore, I want to thank you for the orderly manner in which you categorize and tag your site and YouTube channel. I could only imagine how much time it takes to do so and I commend you for your hard work.

    You have revitalized my optimism for managing my hair. I’ll continue to visit and look forward to more tutorials and posts. Kind regards.