Neutrogena Naturals, Freeman Beauty, RollerLash + More!

I have been updating my beauty bag with new products lately, three of which (Neutrogena Naturals, Freeman Beauty, and RollerLash) I received for free via Influenster and Klout. Now, I know I’m transitioning to organic and natural beauty products, but old habits can be hard to break.  I am doing better, though!  Check out some of the newbies I purchased:urban-outfitters-nail-polish

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish (L – Rodeo Sweetheart & R – Desert Oasis)
So far, I have used the Desert Oasis and I LOVE THIS COLOR! It is the PERFECT NUDE for my brownskin meaning it matches my skin tone perfectly.  I love it.  Urban Outfitters sells these for $8/2 if you’re interested in purchasing.


American Apparel Nail Lacquer (L-R: Lopez Canyon, African Violet, Imperial Purple, and Mount Royal)

If you can’t tell, I love nail polishes.  Seemingly, I collect them but I just like to have options.  These American Apparel Nail Lacquers were a steal – I believe I copped them for under $1 each (hence the green stickers).  I also got one of the colors (African Violet) because of the name.  Why?  Well, I’m a Delta and … yea.


Neutrogena Natural Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – c/o Influenster

I received these wipes for testing purposes via Influenster.  I have used these once so far and I only needed ONE WIPE to get the gunk off my face.  ONE.  WIPE.  I’ve read the ingredients and they are mostly natural – 97% natural, but I doubt that I will see these in my local health food stores.  I don’t know, Neurtrogena PROVE ME WRONG so that I can use these because I do like the way they leave my skin feeling.  Furthermore, I reallllllly needed some makeup wipes for when I am just way too lazy to use my Spin for Perfect Skin (which has my skin looking extra wonderful these days) and these came through in the clutch.  I’ll keep using them until they are gone but I am definitely on the quest for something natural/organic.


Freeman Beauty Facial Masks – c/o Influenster

Here is another treat from Influenster to review for testing purposes.  I received 5 different masks to test out and I still haven’t used one.  I know, I know… who am I?  But I feel like makes are those things you use during pamper days and I haven’t had the time to really sit down and pamper myself.  I think I will do that this week as I am in need of a polish change, a good scalp massage, and I deserve silky skin, right?  Right.  I’ll keep you posted on those masks.  Have you used them before?  If so, do which do you like the most?

roller-lash-klout-askpRoyBenefit Roller Lash Mascara c/o Klout

Klout came through in the clutch and delivered this Roller Lash mascara right to my doorstep.  I got two smaller ones to share with friends (already gave one away) and I have a larger one for myself.  I told myself that I would get a natural/organic mascara, but I was curious, guys and I saw soooooooo many awesome reviews on the mascara that I had to try it.  It lives up to the hype.  My eyelashes have been poppin’ off something serious these days!! The packaging is sooooooooo cute, too.  Pretty much everything else I am using on my face is natural/organic (see my Gabriel Cosmetics review here) so I don’t feel guilty using this product.

Have you guys used any of the products above?  What are your thoughts on them?


  • Tameka

    I just want you to know that you have really been my inspiration! Since I have been following you I have tried almost every product and and every hair style that I have seen you with. Right now I am wearing the short tapered style, and have also colored my hair with the honey blond. I actually did that because I wanted a new look for the new year and I turned 40. Keep the reviews and styles coming for your biggest fan…LOL!