Everyday Summer Makeup Routine [So Easy!]

everyday-summer-makeup-askpRoyThough not official, summer is upon us here in Arizona.  You know what that means, right?  Time to switch up to my everyday summer makeup routine!  It has actually been pretty mild (talking 80-90’s here) so my skin has really been enjoying the weather these days.  I’ve been keeping my makeup look very simple and natural, partly thinking my age plays a huge factor in my simplistic look.  I use a good amount of products, but whatever I seem to execute is simple, clean and fun.

Being that I am all about natural and organic skincare, I am thankful that I found beauty products that not only reflect my ideals, but work darn good at achieving the looks I am used to seeing.  To keep down the oil, I always ALWAYS follow my updated skincare routine (you can find out more about that here) and prep my face with my Boots Botanics Mattifying Creme.  I also use the Mineral Fusions mattifying primer and when I say dry face – desert!  I’m not talking about the dry, cracking feel/look, I’m talking “perfect canvas for makeup” look.

My foundations are liquid and I set with a pressed powder, all by Gabriel cosmetics.  The foundations I am using right now are in the colors Light Beige and Truffle, a combination of the two and I follow up with the pressed powder in Deep Beige.  The other natural/organic products I use (in no particular order) are:

Gabriel Cosmetics Liquid Concealer in Medium
Gabriel Cosmetics Blush in Contour
Zuzu Luxe Bronzer in D-28
Mineral Fusion Mascara in Jet Black
Alima Pure Highlighter in Dolce or Luna
Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette

There are a few products in which I haven’t switched for now, not because I don’t want to but because I’m using them up:
Benefit Rollerlash in Black
Wet ’N Wild Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
e.l.f. Cream Liner in Black
Rimmel Retractable Eyeliner in Black
& whichever lipstick I choose that day because I only own one that is natural/organic

That’s it.  That’s my everyday look – not too much product or I keep it really light with the application.  I like to carry my pressed powder around for times when I need to cut back on the oil (which is not too often) and I always keep my lipstick on me.  You can see the application process here:

So what are your go-to summer beauty products?  Do you still wear heavy makeup in the summer?