MANE Events: Business Party Updo


Party in the front, straight business in the backkkkkkkk!  Every time I see this flat twisted updo on short natural hair that’s what I want to scream – ha!  When I was creating this style I didn’t really have a vision, I just went for something.  I didn’t have any intentions of keeping a side up, but I knew that I needed to show you guys how install perm rods on natural hair so it was only fitting to keep the shorter side out so that I can execute one of two ways I roll my hair (for tutorial purposes).  I ended up keeping my hair like that for 3 days!  I received so many compliments from people while I wore this style and knew I was onto something great so I couldn’t wait to share the process with my Fam.


It wasn’t hard to execute, though it did take a little time.  You will need to be comfortable with flat twisting your hair as well as rolling your hair.  The flat twisting took me a little time, but it’s nothing a little arm work and practice can’t fix.

Products used:
Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter
Lottabody Foam

Section off and flat twist the sides and back of your hair. Choose which side you want flat twisted (or you can flat twist both sides – your preference) and flat twist the side(s) and back using the Curly Butter.  All flat twist should lead upward and should be pinned down as to not get in the way of the curls.  For the remaining hair, use perm rods to create curls with Lottabody foam.  Let hair air dry or sit under a hooded dryer and only remove rollers when hair is COMPLETELY dry.  Separate curls and fluff to your liking.  Here’s a full tutorial of the style so that you can recreate it at home:

By day 4 I opted to twist up the side and pin the curls back for a cute pompadour style.  By day 5, I wanted my hair out again so I installed two-strand twists, let them set, and unraveled them for volume.  And that’s it!


This style is great for any occasion – parties, work, graduations, church – wherever!  I got a week’s wear out of it but I am more than confident the flat twists could last longer than that (the middle where the curls are may need a refresher, though).

Oh – and have you seen the quick tutorial of this style?  Check this out (and make sure you’re following me on Instagram for these quick tutorials):

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Would you rock this style?  How are you wearing your hair these days?