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Heatless Wand Curls on Short Natural Hair

I teamed up with BeeMine Organics to bring you one of my favorite tutorials yet: heatless wand curls on short natural hair.  Yes, heatless is the keyword here and the BeeMine products I used are… OMG!  If you can recall, I first introduced you guys (and tested for myself) the BeeMine products back in November 2014 (seems like forever ago) and created a flawless flat twist out.  I have been using them consistently since then, mainly because they are organic but also because they are AMAZING!

As for flexi-rods I hear a lot of mixed reviews.  A lot of people have issues with securing them to the hair, but I say with practice all things come easy so if you are one of those people who struggle with the rods – girl, give yourself time!

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For this look, I did the following process:
Washed with Kurlee Belle Almond Shea Shampoo and deep conditioned with BeeMine Bee-u-ti-ful Deep Conditioner.  I followed up with with Deja’s Hair Milk for a leave-in conditioner and used the Bee Hold Curly Butter (both by BeeMine) to execute the style.  For the curls, I used the grey and red flexi-rods and roller wrap papers for the ends, both of which can be purchased at a local beauty supply store.  Just section hair, apply a little of the Curly Butter, secure the end wraps on the section of hair before rolling it in a winding motion around the flexi-rod.  If it sounds confusing, take a peek here:

For the take down, coat hands with oil and remove the flexi-rods and separate the curls.  For additional volume, pick hair at roots.  This style lasts me 3-4 days without wrapping and maintaining at night.  The drying time varies from person to person, but it typically takes me 4-5 hours of air drying for my hair to be completely dry with these type of rollers.


I just love this look because it creates such beautiful, bouncy curls without be risking heat damage of any type!  And the hair color realllllllly makes the curls pop (view my most recent hair color story here).

Are you a pro at using flexi-rods?  Share your tips below!