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How to Roll Natural Hair on Perm Rods | askpRoy

“pRoy, can you help me understand how to roll natural hair on perm rods?”

Though I’ve done countless videos showcasing styles I’ve created using perm rods on my natural hair (you can find those below), I’ve never really sat down and answered that question.  The wait is over, fam.  I took a little time to compile all the information into this video that I hope is informative and enjoyable:

More info on Perm Rods:
Yep – it’s true: I own 11 different rod sizes.  I also own countless numbers of rollers PERIOD so that’s not really hard to imagine.

I started using perm rods when I was relaxed and just kept them around to use now.  Honestly, the process and results are very similar to that of installing them on natural hair vs. installing them on relaxed hair.  The only challenge is learning how to keep your natural hair taut while rolling (especially for kinkier textures such as type 4).  I found that roller wraps are good at keeping the hair tight while rolling, yet I don’t always use them because the extra step can be time consuming.  But listen – don’t be discouraged if you can’t get it the first time – practice, practice and practice some more before giving up on them.

Lastly, the tops of the rollers can sometimes pop off if you’re too aggressive (or maybe not since they can be so fickle).  It’s not a big deal to connect them again, but if you can’t get the rubber tie to match up with the top then it’s more than okay to toss it (the rollers are fairly inexpensive so it’s all good).

As for the hairstyles – can you tell me a hairstyle I’ve created without using perm rods?  Lately, it seems to be the only style I’ve been rocking on my tapered fro.  I just love the way it looks with my curl and I especially love the way my curls pop with the color!  Here are some of my favorites below:

Roller Set Refresh on Natural Hair
rollerset-refresh Easy and Chic Travel Style
002 Spiral Curls and Finger Coils
003Soft Curls on Natural Hair
005 Roller set on Tapered Fro
006Twist and Curl
Cascading Curls on Natural Hair
009 Holiday Hair Twist and Curl010 Flat Twist Out on Short, Natural Hair (only rods used on ends)011

This is EXCLUSIVE (for right now at least) so if you’re reading this you get first dibs on the “how-to” to create this style!  Click here for the video tutorial.014

So as you can see: perm rods are life.  The more you practice using them, the better you will get.  Explore sizes, explore styles, and more importantly: have fun with your hair!

What color perm rods are your favorite to use?