Easy, Travel Hairstyle for Natural Hair


As you read in the previous post, I attended the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, GA.  Far away from Arizona, huh?  Yea… so that means I had to install one of my favorite (and easy) travel hairstyles for natural hair.  I love to be comfortable on my flights so I normally wear a hair wrap and my hair underneath usually is twisted.  I could always do a twist out, right?  Yeaaaaaaa, but I wanted big, curly hair so here’s what went down:

For the style, I actually installed a Roller Set Twist Out much like this one here.  I washed my hair and installed twists using the Creme of Nature Twirling Custard and the Butterlicious Curls.  Since I would be traveling, I opted to not install the rollers until I got the hotel room.  Once I got there, I used water from the sink (genius), dampened my hair, added a little gel to each twist and installed blue and white perm rods (blue on the back and sides, white in the middle).  In the morning, I used some Argan oil to separate my hair, picked it at the roots for volume, and VOILA!  The roller set twist out the crazy volume!

For second day hair I did the same technique as the night before.  My hair was soooooooo soft and wouldn’t really hold the curl after a day (I blame Atlanta humidity for that).  In all actuality, I could have used the Anti-Humidity spray and solved a lot of that, but I was down with the fluffy curls and people enjoyed touching my hair to see how soft it was with the color.

So listen, the next time you travel remember to bring a few things with you: a styler and/or gel and some rollers. You can always get water from the faucet and the rest… well, the rest just requires a little drying time.

What is your go-to travel style?