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Beach Waves on Short Natural Hair

She said she wanted to go to the beach, I said BEACH WHERE? Since Arizona doesn’t have a beach and I have been craving the big, beach hair for a long while I created beach waves on short natural hair using the Shea Moisture Zanzibar Marine Complex Collection.  It is targeted to those who have color treated tresses (as you know, that’s what I have) and it has heat protection qualities.  I wanted to test out the effectiveness of both the color protection and the heat styling, so I used the following steps to create this fun style:


1. Shampoo (Cleanse) and Condition
The shampoo provided a great lather and the conditioner, though not mind blowing, did the job.  Since the line doesn’t have a  deep conditioner (which I feel like would be a great addition since heat styling your hair requires your hair to have AMPLE moisture for reversion), I used one in my stash.  I recommend to NOT skip the deep conditioning step!

2. Detangle, Blow-dry & Set Style
I used the leave-in, which comes out in a spray-type bottle (it’s a cream though), sectioned my hair and detangled each one of those sections.  Once detangled, I twisted them up and out of the way.  When it was time to blow dry the hair, I applied the cream heat protectant to each section, dried my hair using the tension method, and twisted the hair back into sections (looking back, I would have just styled it from there).  Afterwards, I positioned my part and installed three (3) flat twists in the front of my hair (chunky size) and chunky two strand twists all over.  In total, I had 14 chunky twists and 3 chunky flat twists (17 in all) and used grey and pink perm rods to set a curl on the ends.  You can learn how to use perm rods here.

3. Style & Fluff
After an hour or two, I released the twists and sprayed my hair with the sea salt spray.  Since it is water-based, it will make your hair revert so a little goes a long way (don’t over do it).  Because of the sea salt, you hair will also have a slight hold – kinda gritty texture, but I like it as it really mimics ocean kissed hair.  Fluff hair with fingers and tadaaaaaaa:

You can watch the whole process here:

All of the products have an AMAZZZZZZZING smell – OMG and they are only sold at Target locations.  The purchasing of these products are also GIVE BACK to the women who create ingredients for the product – 10% in fact.  AND last but not least, these products are made from natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients.  All the best for me and my organic and natural beauty lifestyle transition.  I will definitely be adding these products to my natural haircare regimen (you can read more about that here).

My hair was soft with a slight hold and had beautiful texture! The style lasted two days untouched (no twisting, no fluffing).  If twisted in large sections, I’m sure the hairstyle will last until the next wash (at least for me it will).  I’ll add an update on the upkeep of this style soon.

I want to thank 4cHairChick for providing me with the product for this fun video!

Have you guys tried the Shea Moisture Zanzibar Marine Complex Collection?