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Fun Protective Hairstyles


Multiple days, multiple ways!

That’s one of the joys of protective styling your natural hair – there are so many worry free hair days in your future.  But I know what it’s like to miss your hair and all of its glory.  Sometimes, you just want to rock your hair out without all of the fuss.  That’s where this style comes into play – it’s fun, it’s fast and it’s carefree and because you get three different styles from it (with the potential or maybe three more) it is definitely one of those fun protective hairstyles!

I started the style by just experimenting to see if I could get my hair into a ponytail – MISSION: SUCCESS!  Once I saw that ponytail, I converted it into a mini bun and twisted the remaining hair.  Now, that could have been day one – wearing my hair just like that twists and all but I just wanted to have my hair loose so I took the twists out and TADA!  A beautiful style was born!

NOW, like I said – had I left the twists in I could have done all of this with the twists FIRST (buying me two to three more days of wear) and then I could have taken the twists out for a total of a week’s worth of carefree hair.  However, I didn’t do all of that.

So the next day, I just rocked it how it was gonna be (minus pinning a few strands into place and smoothing out my edges).  It was beautiful and voluminous!

The last day of this style, I took the hair that was out and pinned it into a pompadour.  The rest took care of itself.

And for three days – three whole days – I didn’t worry about my hair.  I just let it be.  And it was cute, too (watch me transform):

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From Twists to Twist Out to Pompadour.  So simple, so fun, and so elegant!

By the way, I used Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard to install the twists and to lay my edges (along with a little bit of Creme of Nature Edge Control).

What are some fun ways you wear protective styles?