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How I Define My Coils on Short Natural Hair


I absolutely love how I define my coils on my short, natural hair.  It hasn’t always been my favorite style to rock, though.  Here, let’s take a trip down memory lane:


May 2012.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing when it came down to executing a wash and go.  I would look on YouTube, try to gather some tips from other naturals, but the end results were never results I desired.  I just didn’t know what worked for me; didn’t know how to make it look how I wanted it to look.  Funny, looking back I could totally dig some of the results but I think it also had to do with the shape of my natural hair.  Also, the products – chileeeeeeee the product combinations were a fooly-fool.  Just terrible.  Either my hair never dried completely or it was flaky, hot mess.  Just awful!


Then 2014 happened in my life and everything just changed.  It was a sudden change, nothing too drastic, but I realized that I loved my coils in the wash and go state (I actually like to say “defined coils” state).  I think a lot of it had to do with my new shape and new technique.  I finally learned how to execute the wash and go I knew I could execute!


Since then, I have experimented with a few different products, but these products seem to be my favorites:
Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard
BeeMine Organics Luscious Curl Cream
Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee Curl Defining

I’ve shown you how I’ve used all of the products mentioned before except for one so for this tutorial I am using the Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee.  I think it’s important to note the following when attempting to define your coils:

There is NO SUCH THING AS WASH AND GO. Whoever coined that term just … misleading.  Ugh.  It takes way more effort than just washing and going.  Now, the process may not be long, but it definitely isn’t just wash and bounce. No. No.

Products do NOT create coils/curls.  Yes, some do an awesome job at defining WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE, but they aren’t magic creams and cannot make something that just isn’t there.

A little product goes a long way.  Most of the time, you need water to get these products to define your coils, but you also can’t use too little because then it just doesn’t make sense.  Find your balance.

Don’t touch your hair until it’s dry!  Why go back and mess up your coils all willy nilly because you can’t be patient?  Just let your hair dry without touching it and watch your results blow your mind.

Typically, I can get 4-5 days out of this style – can even stretch it to a week if I do a little bit of retouching during the week.  It’s one of the easier styles I execute and I always know the outcome will be what it’s going to be – no guessing!

Do you define your coils?  If so, what products do you love the most?