How To Maintain a Twist Out


My hair has grown significantly, but my methods on maintaining my twist out have pretty much remained the same.  As you know, I prefer to not twist my hair at night and wake up and go, but whether you want to twist your hair at night or go without retwisting, this is how to maintain a twist out on your natural hair:



The Beginning: The Twist Out
I like to twist my hair when it is wet or damp because it holds definition very well.  Check out my moisture rich twist out here. Twisting on wet/damp hair comes in handy if you do not want to twist your hair at night (I’ll discuss this further down) but it will give you the most shrinkage in your twist out.   You can, however, combat the shrinkage by picking your roots and fluffing to add volume once you have separated your hair to your liking.


Method One: Twisting at Night
My least preferred method, but it definitely yields results.  I like to use this method when I don’t feel like playing the guessing game with my hair or my twist out has taken a beaten from the humidity.  For this method, I used a little bit of product, smooth it down the hair shaft, twist my hair and twirl the ends.  I also use larger twists for this method, about 15 in total.

The next morning, I take my hair down and separate as I did the day before and because I don’t use tools (only my hands and no detangling), my hair remembers the pattern it took the day before and it’s easy to shape.  I does stretch the hair just a tad so it may not maintain the shrunken shape (if that’s something you’re looking for).


Method Two: No Twisting at Night
My favorite method, but it can be scary for those concerned about how the their hair will turn out the next day.  I like how it creates shrinkage because with shrinkage comes volume which, for my tapered cut, is EVERYTHING!  You will just need to be dedicated to picking out your hair and don’t be scared of it!! It’s just hair and if nothing else, you can rock a full fledge ‘fro for the day.

Watch me work my magic while I showcase how to maintain a twist out on natural hair:

Whichever method you choose, you will learn more about what you hair likes and doesn’t like.  My suggestion?  Have fun and try them both!  After all, it’s just hair.

How do you maintain your twist out on your natural hair?