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I get a ton of question regarding maintaining moisture in natural hair, mainly color treated natural hair.  I can’t say that it is a simple process, nor can I say that these particular products or methods will work for everyone, but I can definitely tell you how my hair flourishes.

I think it is important to note that I have been color treated for pretty much my whole natural tenure – about 7 years to be exact.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have color in my hair and my hair has been longer, shorter, and somewhere in between.  Dryness was never a huge issue, but my natural hair regimen would change depending on where I lived.  What is a regimen you ask?  You can find out more about it here.


My regimen is really simple these days as I have found that keeping it simple doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or over manipulation of my strands. Weekly (or biweekly), I do the following:

Deep Condition
Leave-In Conditioner

There are times (such as this past week) where I don’t wash my hair, but this is typically what I do every week to maintain moisture in my hair.  I explain a little more about my regimen + moisture maintenance, how I maintain my color, and other tips and tricks I have up my sleeve in my this video:

While you’re moisturizing your hair from the outside, don’t neglect your body.  You have to also have healthy practices – drinking water, eating healthy – in order for you to realllllllllly see a difference in moisture retention.

Good luck curlies!  You can read more about caring for color treated hair here.

How do you maintain moisture in your color treated natural hair?