Organic Makeup for Brown Skin Beauties

It DOES exist! Natural and organic makeup for brown skin beauties may be hard to find, but it is definitely out there.  I wear it faithfully (that is when I wear makeup) and though I’ve been through my fair share of trial and error, I believe I have found some staples … stillllllllllll seeking the RIGHT combo, though.

I started out like any other random morning by cleaning out my eyes and misting my face with some water.  I follow up with Boots Botanics Mattifying Face Cream and set my face with a primer.  These days, I am using the Mineral Fusions Mattifying Primer.  Once that is dry, I start the foundation process. organic-beauty-products-for-brown-skinI am mixing two foundation colors at the moment, Golden Beige and Truffle both by Gabriel Cosmetics.  You can read my review on Gabriel Cosmetics here.  I then reach for an eyebrow pencil, which right now is not organic or natural (still getting there) and then highlight and conceal with Gabriel Cosmetics Concealer in Medium mixed with the Golden Beige foundation.  I highlight my high points – under the eye, the bridge of my nose, my forehead, my cupid’s bow and my chin.  I follow up with a powder to set the highlight – Deep Beige by Gabriel Cosmetics.

I then contour with Truffle and set with Deep 3 by Mineral Fusions.  Deep 3 is more of a cooler tone so it gives a nice contour.  Of course I reach for my FAVORITE blush – Contour by Gabriel Cosmetics and apply generously.  Also, I’ve really been digging the Lustre Bronzer Duo by Mineral Fusions so I’m using both colors – the light color to highlight and the darker bronzer to contour.


Highlighting for the summer time is ALWAYS a thing so I use Alima Pure Highlight in Dolce (or Luna because both are beautiful).

Last but certainly not least, I finish up (or should I say finished up this look) with the Volumizing Mascara in Jet by Mineral Fusion (2 coats, please and nothing less).

And that’s it.  I think it’s fairly simple considering I didn’t do anything with my eyeshadow … well, I did use the Deep 3 as a crease shade but other than that nothing.  Check out the process here:

I’ve also been eating extremely crappy these past few days and it’s showing up on my face which is no bueno.  I have to be extra diligent in using my skin care regimen for acne prone skin so that I can keep these breakouts at bay.

Now for the hair – it’s 2nd day hair.  I used just a little Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard to install chunky twists (about 15) and as you can see, I released them the next day.  That’s pretty much it.  You can find out how I created this style here.


What are your favorite natural and organic makeup for brown skin?

  • inubiyamarsha