Faux Straw Set on Natural Hair


I had this brilliant idea to execute a roller set that resembled a straw set.  I knew that 1) it would save time installing and 2) it would produce similar (if not the same) results as would a traditional straw set.  I don’t know if you all have seen one before, but a straw set on natural hair is beautiful absolutely beautiful.  It is an awesome style for those transitioning from relaxed hair back to their natural hair and it lasts FOREVER – oh, and if you work out consider this one of those “go-to” styles.  The longevity of it is bananas!

For this style, I started on freshly washed hair.  I used my Kurlee Belle Almond & Shea Shampoo for a good cleansing and followed that up with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask for a good deep conditioning session.  I allowed my hair to air dry for about an hour after using my favorite leave-in conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, to coat my strands.

The process of styling included using small sized perm rods (the smallest I had in my arsenal) which varied in sizes (you can see more information on perm rods here) and I used a very small amount of Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard on each section before twisting and rodding.  I wish I could tell you exactly how many rods/twists I installed, but that would be too good to be true, right?  You can see more of the action below:

Everything was going perfectly – I installed the style in about an hours time, I was allowing it to set for the ultimate takedown and then my husband called and suggested Happy Hour and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Happy Hour (how could I say no? I mean really).  So I had to get my life together meaning I had to take down my faux straw set down earlier than expected. #lettucepray

I felt around my hair to check on the drying time and it felt as though most were completely dry with just a few left to fully dry (only damp).  No need to panic, right? And I didn’t while I took down the rods and separated the twists.  Once I had to separate for fullness my biggest fear came to the forefront – my hair wasn’t 100% dry anddddddddd some of my separated pieces weren’t holding a curl!


No. need. to. panic. pRoy.

I kept calm, fluffed my hair, created the volume I needed and my hair turned out wayyyyyyy better than expected:


You see what a little prayer and confidence can do?  My hair, though still a little damp, looked great and the essence of the straw set on natural hair was captured for sure.  Will I try this style again?  I absolutely will, only next time I will let it dry completely before removing the rods!

Have you ever had to rock a style that wasn’t completely dry?  What did you do to fix it?

  • NaturallyNita

    Do you still workout? I would love to try one of these roller set styles but I work out with a trainer 3x a week and I sweat in my head. My hairstyle would be destroyed before I even got to work in the morning so right now I’m just doing twist outs & buns by the end of the week.