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Flat Twist Updo with Curls


When I posted this picture on Instagram & Facebook, I should have known that my natural hair style would cause a stir, but I honestly didn’t think it would.  See, this flat twist updo with curls was a complete accident – seriously.  The night before, I set my hair just like I did here to create this easy and chic travel style.  In the morning, I took down my hair to discover that it wasn’t quite like I planned and a little frizzy.

Disappointed but not discouraged, I decided to flat twist the back of my hair (you know – “FIX IT JESUS” style) and fluff out the rest of my hair (without creating too much of a fuss at the crown).  I used a couple of pins to secure the curls in place.  While I got my make-up done by Kelvin Myers, makeup artist for the stars, I put a scarf around the flat twist to keep mold the back and sides down.

The only products I used were BeeMine BeeHold Curly Butter, Kurlee Belle Jelle Coconut Styling Gel, and water.  I also used perm rods (blue, peach and white) and a few hair pins (as previously mentioned).

The results speak for themselves.  It goes to show that all things work for your good (Romans 8:28) which seemed to not only be the theme for the weekend, but also for my life (indeed it is my favorite scripture).


Before heading to bed that night, I twisted the middle because I was uncertain of how it would hold up while I rested (using the same products).  The next morning, I unraveled the twists, separated them to my liking and my hair turned out like this:

flat-twist-updo-twists-askpRoyPicture taken at the end of the night – makeup still looks bomb, too!

Since I had an overwhelming request to create a tutorial for my weekend style (and I knew it wouldn’t take forever to create), I did it and posted it below, though I did use different products than before:

Products/Tools used to create this style:
Obia Natural Haircare Twist Butter
Heritage Store Rose Water
Rods (Peach and White)
Hair Pins

Whether it was a flat twist updo with curls or twists, I had a style that was great for the Atlanta weather and was an interesting conversation piece.  I hope you all are inspired to try this easy style – I think it may be my new go-to!

How do you style your hair when it doesn’t seem to be cooperating?