Flat Twist Out on Dry Hair

flat-twist-out-side-askpRoy Since I dyed my natural hair purple, I haven’t washed it.  Notta once.  I am trying to preserve my color as much as I can and before you wash your hair you really want to make sure the color has absorbed into the strands (plus, it’s been less than a week since I washed it).  I started with a twist out that turned… well… tapered ‘froish and I was ready to switch up the look WITHOUT washing my hair.

I decided to try a flat twist out on dry hair.  Unlike my wet set flat twist out, I knew from past experience that my flat twist out would yield big hair (something I love), it would set quickly, and it wouldn’t take that long to install.  I was hoping it would come out similar to these beach waves, but much bigger since I have more hair now.

Let me tell you how this flat twist out on dry hair didn’t disappoint – HONEY! Listen… well don’t really listen, look at this definition:


See all of that volume?  And I know *singing* as dayssssss goooooooo byyyyyyyyy it will turn into SUPER VOLUME FLAT TWIST OUT.  Check out the process here:

For this style I used some old faithfuls that happen to fit into my organic/natural lifestyle transition –

First, I dampened my hair with distilled water.  It is important that it is distilled because my water here in AZ is very hard (see how I combat that hardness here).

Next, I parted my hair into two parts (pretty much vertically) and applied a little Deja’s Hair Milk by BeeMine Organics to my tresses.  This serves as my leave-in conditioner and a little definitely goes a long way.

I parted a medium sized section of hair in the front of my head, applied JUST A TAD BIT of BeeMine Luscious Coconut Curl Cream, detangled and flat twisted that section.  I installed 10 flat twists and used perm rods to curl the ends (learn how to use perm rods here).  If you don’t know how to flat twist your hair and wish to learn, you can click here for a full tutorial.

Once it set for about an hour and a half (two hours to be safe), I removed the rods and unraveled the flat twists.  Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t pick and fluff my hair for volume (just at the roots) and just like that my hair was hittin’!


I forgot just how easy it is to install this style.  I used to rock it religiously when I growing my hair out well before my tapered ‘fro chop.  I’ll probably recreate this style for this weekend’s festivities – Summer’s End AZ.  Since I will be out in the sun and dancing y heart out, big purple hair is only most appropriate!


  • Shanese Moore

    What brand is your blow dryer?