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How to Dye Hair Purple without Bleach


She’s back!

I was really going through something, y’all.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with my hair and since I’m in this awkward growing out stage I really wanted to chop everything off!  Not only that, but I needed a fresh look.  To be quite honest, I was over the Creme of Nature color.  My red had faded to a dusty copper brown, my blonde wasn’t quite vibrant enough, and my roots (though growing out kinda ombre-ish) just didn’t quite go with the color scheme.  I needed a change and permanent dye wasn’t on my radar.

“I know what I’ll do – I’ll go purple”, I said to myself and then out loud.  My husband looked at me with the “where did that come from?” face and then replied “just do it, then”.  So supportive.  Plus, I had dyed my hair color purple before so he knew what to expect, but he’s also learned to expect the unexpected when dealing with me sooooooooooo… yea.  He’s used to my randomness.

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From previous dye experience, I knew how to dye hair purple, but I just didn’t know if that’s the route I wanted to take.  The blonde I had from my previous color would set it off (make the purple more visible) but I didn’t particularly like the way it faded last time.  I finally concluded that since it would be a brownish pinky tone kinda sorta or whateva when it fades (you can see it here) I would just roll with it by either dying it purple again or another color in the red/brown family.  No big deal, right?

So I went to Sally’s Beauty and grabbed two colors – Hot Hot Pink and Ultra Violet by Manic Panic and went to work.  You can see the whole process on how to dye hair purple below:

I LOVE THE OUTCOME!!!  This time around it was easier and I let the color set longer.  I really don’t recall doing much of anything different this go around besides adding the pink to the mix.  The pink did give me some pinker areas, but I added a little hair chalk to brighten it up in some parts.  It really created some dimension and made me fall even more in love with the color!


Just some things to note on how to dye hair purple:
Manic Panic is semi-permenant dye which means it will wash out (fade out) within 4-6 washes

In order to get the brightest color possible your hair must be lightened underneath

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained

Use the kitchen sink instead of a shower/tub/bathroom sink to wash out color as it could stain your appliances

Always wear gloves to avoid color transfer to your hands

Keep doors open that you may have to touch when you have dye on your hands/hair (it will keep you from staining them)

Always perform a strand test before applying dye to see how it will react to hair/scalp

Color will change (look different) depending on lighting situation (Ultra Violet is blue based so sometimes it will look more blue than purple – even with the Hot Hot Pink mixed in)

I’ll add more tips as I think of them, but these are the most important.  You can always refer to this video for more tips on how to dye hair purple:

All in all, I feel like a weight has been lifted.  I was holding onto a color that no longer served me and now I feel like me again – pRoy.  I’m so excited to begin this exploration of color again!!!

What color(s) are you dying your hair these days?