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Natural Foundation for Brown skin Beauties


I got a great response from you all regarding my navy smokey eye look and many of you seem to be interested in taking the natural and organic approach for makeup.  This post will focus on natural foundation for brown skin beauties – what I’m currently using and how to apply these products for a flawless application.  Coupled with my skincare regimen, my skin has seen a HUGE improvement from me switching to these types of products (yep – still using my Spin for Perfect Skin. Use the coupon code “spin4proy” for 70% off this brush here).

I still use all of the products I’ve explored here, but this routine seems to be my current fav.  It’s funny when you find products that just work for you and you can’t put them down – that’s me right now! I’m just so excited about this – watch the whole application process below:

Step One: Moisturizer + Primer
My moisturizer these days is just good ole Almond Oil.  Jojoba oil is also a good option (ran out).

I switch between the Mineral Fusion Mattifying primer and the regular face primer.  I really like them both. Non-greasy application, really take hold of the makeup, and I haven’t experienced any breakouts from either of them.  The mattifying primer was sent to me by Mineral Fusions, but I bought the regular face primer on my own (I believe it was $14).  It’s easier to travel with the regular face primer because it’s not in a glass bottle, but either of them are small enough to carry.

Step Two: Liquid Foundation
I am still using the Zuzu Luxe Oil Free Liquid Foundation in L-21.  When I was using it before I really wanted it to build to something heavier because I needed to hide/conceal my blemishes (read: my skin wasn’t in the best condition).  These days, I apply one light coat and that’s it.  It looks and feels so amazing.  You can read a full review on it here.  I use a flat kabuki brush to apply this.

Step Three: Powder Foundation
I can’t wear a liquid foundation without a powder foundation to set it.  I have been using the bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation in Warm Deep for about a month now.  When I tell you it’s incredible – guys.  Listen.  I can build this foundation up to be as full coverage as I’d like and it still feels like I am wearing nothing on my face.  Typically, I wear 1-2 coats for staying power.

Also, a little of this product goes a really long way so I can justify spending $28 on it.  According to the makeup artist at the store, this foundation can last for about 6 months (give or take) so we shall see.  Based on how I am using it now, I can foresee that being the case. I am very careful to use light strokes with applying it because a little definitely does go a long way and no one wants to look cakey.

Caution to the buyer: they will try to sell you the brush to go with it and if you already have a foundation brush I don’t find it necessary to get another one (just my opinion).  I use a Small Stipple Brush from e.l.f. Cosmetics – $1 at Target.


Step Four: Concealer
Also taking over my Gabriel Cosmetics Concealer in Medium is the bare Minerals bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Dark to Deep.  It does an EXCELLENT job at concealing any and everything – dark circles, blemishes, hyper pigmentation – you name it!  I like it because it’s not too thin or thick in consistency and has a more controlled application process because of that.  It is also light enough to serve as a highlight to those areas.  I use a buffing brush to buff that into my skin typically under the eyes, down the bridge of my nose, my forehead, my chin and around my mouth.  I think it runs around $20.

Step Five: Set Concealer
I am using my Gabriel Cosmetics Pressed Powder in Deep Beige to set the concealer.  I always find that setting it keeps the oil and shine down and my face lasts for hours without have to touch it up.

Step Six: Contour
These days, I’ve been going for a more natural contour.  I am using Mineral Fusions Pressed Powder in Deep 3 for that.  I could probably go with Deep 4, but I sent this product from Mineral Fusions to try out (it’s been around 3 months now) and I really like it.  It, too, is lightweight and makes me feel as though I have nothing on my face.  I actually was using it to set my whole face after my makeup is complete (and can still use it that way), but I have a new product for that!

Step Seven: Set Face + Touch Up
I set my face and touch up my face with (appropriately named) bare Minerals TOUCH-UP Veil in Deep.  I love this powder but my only complaint is it broke within a week or two of me purchasing it.  I hate that it’s kinda crumbly now, but it works so well.  I carry it in my bag for easy touch up (has a spongy type applicator), but I honestly think a travel kabuki works best.  I got one from Target ions ago (I think it’s e.l.f. cosmetics).

That’s all I do for my face! It sounds like a lot, but when you have your own routine it’s quick and easy (takes me less than 5 minutes).  The bare Minerals products can be found at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s and their stand alone store.  The other products mentioned can be found at a local health food store (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Earthfare).  These products range between the $20-$28 range, but I honestly feel like they are worth the investment.

Even after 8 hours, the products hold up great and just a little light dusting is all that is needed.  I hope that inspires you all to try mineral makeup or AT LEAST helps you gauge how it wears over time.

What natural and organic products do you use for your foundation routine?