8 Easy Updos for Short Natural Hair


Per expected, I was ready to switch up the look of my recent protective style so I came up with 8 ways to remix my style for some quick and easy updos for short natural hair.  A lot of these looks are directly related to another by tweaking the previous style by just a tad.

For example, I can wear a bun in the back, but by changing the height of it it changes the actual look.  Likewise, should I decide to wear a style with my twists in tact one day and the next day rock it with my twists unraveled and fluffed then that’s a different style… right?

In all seriousness, the possibilities are endless.  I could have sat there all. day. long figuring out different combinations and styles to rock with the skeleton of the long wear updo, but I want you all to use your imagination and come up with killer combos to sport your tresses!

And you know what it really means, right?  It means you can wear this style for AT LEAST 8 more days (fi your scalp doesn’t scream for a good washing)!  Talk about a updo remix!

Check out the different looks below:

Original protective style can be found by clicking here.  And if you’re really not good at flat twisting or just don’t have the time, here are some quick and easy styles you can create from a simple twist out!

Which is your favorite look?  How would you style your hair with this style?