How to Stretch Natural Hair without Heat


Yes, why yes you can stretch natural hair without heat and I am going to show you my fool proof way of doing it. It’s really simple and doesn’t take a long time.  I like the fact that it doesn’t involve heat because this purple hair isn’t here for the heat manipulation (causes the color to fade faster).

Here’s what I do:

  1. Part hair into workable sections.  These section should be small enough for detangling, but does’ have to be so small that it takes forever.
  2. Use steamer to add moisture.  You guys know I got a Q-Redew Handheld Steamer … well, maybe you don’t.  I don’t think I updated the blog to tell you all about this awesome tool although I do have a video demonstrating how I use it here.  I use this steamer to open up my cuticles so that I can put a little moisture into my hair.  It makes detangling a breeze and gives me a great stretch without using a heat styling tool (such as a blow dryer).  If you don’t have a steamer you can use the steam from the shower to simulate this effect or you can use a spray bottle with water to lightly spritz your hair.
  3. Apply the styler of your choice and by styler I mean moisturizer.  I am using the Twist Whip Butter by Obia Natural Haircare and applying that to each section I steam.
  4. Detangle by use of a comb, brush, Tangle teezer, Felicia Leatherwood brush (what I used), fingers – whatever you choose.
  5. Twist the section you just did all that to and repeat the process until your whole head is complete.

This process will stretch your hair and add moisture back into your strands.  If you are a lazy natural like myself you will take it a step further and use those twists as a style.  I added a few perm rods to the ends of those twists, waited about 30 minutes to an hour (the longer you wait the more defined the style will be) and removed the rods and twists. I fluffed to my liking and went out the door – boom.  Straight like that.

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Now, I will caution you that this won’t last – the style that is, so you will have to twist up your hair at night to keep the style and stretch (the stretch actually may stay but the definition from the style will be gone).  This should last me until I refresh my color with conditioner and set it into a style next week!

If you want to play in your little more, you can try these styles below:

Curls + Twist Updo
flat-twist-updo-curls-askpRoy-sideBomb Ass Flat Twist Out flat-twist-out-definition-askpRoy

How do you stretch natural hair?

  • LaTai Grant Brown

    Great idea once again! Where can you get the steamer that you referenced?