How to Style a Twist Out


Need inspiration on how to style a twist out on natural hair?  Pin these on your style inspiration board for when you’re in a jam and need a quick go-to! These styles are exceptionally easy to recreate.

No combs.
No braiding.
No flat twisting.

These FAST & FUN styles are easy for new naturals to recreate and quick enough for veterans to get up and go! They can be worn for any occasion: work, parties – heck, even weddings!


Here’s the biggest tip I can give you: I always start with a good base.  My twists are normally set on wet hair and I always use a leave-in and styler when creating them.  For this style I used the Obia Natural Haircare Curl Moisture Leave-In Curl Cream and the Entwine Couture Creme Jelle Styler (wouldn’t recommend it – my hair is kinda gummy right now), but you can always check out my favorite products for my color treated natural hair for more information on what I love to use.

Once your hair is set and dry, you can unravel the twists.  Just unravel them once for these styles:

Tuck & Roll


Updo & a Bang

how-to-style-a-twist-out-5-askpRoy You can tuck the bang if you’d like:


If you’ve got a little more time on your hands or if you hair is getting older, you can separate your hair even more and create a fuller twist out:


And if you’re really feeling bold, you can create these styles –

The ‘Fro Hawk (pin one side, or both)


The High Puff


The Faux Bun


how-to-style-a-twist-out-9-askpRoyNow this faux bun isn’t exactly like THIS faux bun, but it’s still a variation.  It’s all about being innovative when you have short hair.  And being that I am a semi lazy natural, all of these styles are right up my alley.

These are pretty much my go to styles when I
1) don’t have the time to think of anything else or
2) need a quick style in a hurry fast!

You can see how to recreate all of these styles here:

And can I just say this purple hair really sets off these styles?  Any color hair would do quite honestly, but adding color or highlights would really make these styles pop!

Since you know how to style a twist out, you should definitely know how to preserve a twist out.  You can find more information about that here.