Puff on Short Natural Hair


Believe it or not, it is easy to create a puff on short natural hair.  It just takes a little patience, a couple of tools and your willingness to try!  This is probably one of the first styles I tried on my natural hair because it is very “new to this natural hair thing” (read: beginner) friendly.  Also, it’s always a clutch style for when your hair is getting older or you need just ONE MORE DAY (which can easily turn into 4 or 5) until wash day.

What I Used for The Above Style:
Two elastics
Gel or Edge Control

I always start with older hair from a wash-n-go, roller set, twist out or braid out.  I spritz my hair with water, concentrating mainly on the edges.  I then add gel or edge control to the areas that I added water and use my hands to smooth the hair upward.

*This video was pre-recorded as we all know my hair is now purple!

My hair isn’t as long in the back and sides as it is in the crown due to my tapered cut that is now growing out (debating on cutting it again but that’s another post for another day).  Because of the shortness, I have to position the elastics strategically to hold the hair upward. I don’t want my hair to be too tight nor do I want my edges to squeal, so I don’t wrap the elastic around my hair; use it as it.  Once the first elastic is over my head and I’ve positioned it to my liking, I may or may not go in with another elastic (that has been stretched) and position it a little above my hair line just to keep the hair that may not be long enough from flying out.  That’s it.

You can find out more about how I’ve been growing out my tapered cut here.

Now, there is another way in which you can create a high ponytail or should I say a puff on short natural hair.


For this method, you will need a few bobby pins.  I don’t even concentrate on my edges or even try to slick them down because I like the look best this way.  I just twist up the back and sides of my hair to meet in the middle and secure these sections with a pin or two.  That’s it.

You can see the full demonstration of that in this video:

Not too hard, eh?  From the puff you can go into the bun, taking your pick at the faux high bun (below) or one that is loose (can be found in the video above) – your choice!


Have fun with it, preserve your edges, and rock that puff, girl!

How do you create a puff on your short natural hair?

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