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Braid Out Fail? Try THIS Quick Fix!

Every day is not a perfect day – or a perfect hair day for that matter.  I installed some braids that I thought would yield me a bomb braid out; however, I achieved the ultimate braid out fail!


I mean, seriously, my hair in the back was more than damp from my work out, but since braids hide the moisture so well I couldn’t tell by touch.  Plus, I had things to do so waiting on my hair to dry wasn’t an option.

Here’s how I prepped the style:

  • Washed my hair with all of my color keeping products (shampoo and conditioner – you can read more about those here)
  • Waited for my hair to dry completely, and used just a little water & TGIN Twist and Define Cream to set my braids.

Since I didn’t do anywhere that day, I got to wear my braids for the rest of the day and even slept on them to make sure they were dry for takedown the next day.

Well, as you know I am training for a half marathon and find that running in the morning makes me feel good, gets my workout out of the way, and normally provides for cooler running conditions.

After my workout, I took a shower and allowed for my hair to dry while I got dressed and did my make up (even while I cooked breakfast).  My hair wasn’t crazy wet since I wear a headband and it absorbs a lot of the water, but I knew it was a little damp.

A little damp – HA! Laughable.  While I taking it down I noticed the whole middle was good and damp.  Check it out:

The turnaround was awesome!  Though it was not the look I was hoping to achieve (a braid out), I freaked it into something that I would love.


It’s all about perspective.  Yes, my hair didn’t turn out into a bomb braid out, but it did render a cute tapered ‘fro look (the dampness caused the hair in the back to revert).


So if you feel like you’re having a bad hair day remember this:  Regardless of what happens, always remember to OWN IT!

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing a braid out that HITS, check this out:

Has this ever happened to you?  Leave your experiences below!