Fake Straw Set on Natural Hair (Take Two)


If at first you don’t succeed – whatchu gone do?  Try again if it makes sense, right?  Well, that is exactly what I did recreating this fake straw set on natural hair.  The first one wasn’t a “GOT’EM” because my hair wasn’t completely dry when I took down the rods and it led to a bit of frizz.  However, this time we on the money, honey!

There are a few things that I switched around to make this hairstyle a success:


I started with hair that was 85-95% dry.  The first time I started on freshly washed/damp hair because I wanted to make sure the curls would last but my drying time took way too long (I like to air dry my hair).  By starting on drier hair, I was able to cut my drying time in half and still have the curls I hoped I could achieve.


I switched up my products.  This time I used Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and again used Kurlee Belle Coconut Jelle to set my twists and rods (also used Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk as a leave-in).  It probably wouldn’t have matter much which product I used since I let my hair dry more than the last time so I don’t really know if that’s important, but is duly noted.  Also, if you don’t know how to use perm rods you learn here.


I gave it enough time to dry.  Even though I started on mostly dry hair, the product will always infuse moisture and a little wetness so it still needs time to set.  I allowed for my hair to set not one but two days (my workout could have compromised the dry time since I sweat in my hair.  You can read more about that here), and when I took down the rods and twists, I knew it would be poppin’!


I showed you all the end results of this style during my workout hairstyles video, but here is the actual tutorial for the style below:

You can see my first fake straw set on natural hair attempt here.  My hair is quite longer now so the results would vary regardless, but it’s always good to look back and correct mistakes.  I still think these faux straw sets are best because me and those itty bitty straws? Naa.  We good on that one.

Want to see day two hair?  Click here!