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Chunky Flat Twist Out (A Wet Set)

It’s 2016 guys – Happy New Year!

I’m stepping into 2016 like New Year. New Hair Color. New Techniques. Who Dis?


I’ll discuss my new hair color in a later post (be on the lookout for that), but I definitely want to share with you all my new flat twist technique.  Who knew that a CHUNKY FLAT TWIST OUT produced on wet natural hair could be this easy to install and produce some BIG OLE HAIR?

I’ve been very lazy with my hair these days, usually just defining my coils (think wash and go) which takes about 20 minutes for the total process.  I haven’t really been trying out new styles, but figured I would stretch my hair for a possible roller set which never happened because these results – man, oh man!  You can watch the process here:

I washed and conditioned my hair and used Obia Natural Haircare Curl Moisture Creme for my leave-in conditioner.

I parted my hair into a nice, chunky section and then used just a littleeeeeee bit of TGIN Twist and Define Cream on the section (about a dime sized amount).

I then flat twisted my hair (learn how to flat twist here).

By the time I finished, I had six flat twists.  The flat twists, imperfect as they were, only took maybe 15-20 minutes to install.  I allowed them to air dry because it was night time, but had I installed them earlier in the day I would have used my heated hair bonnet to dry them which probably would have taken about an hour or so.

The next day, I used a little bit of oil on my fingers and unraveled the twists.  They didn’t look like much of anything once I unraveled them, but by the power of separating, fluffing, picking, and shaping my hair came out to be big and glorious! WHEW! Loved my results!


And with the new color it, the definition popped like crazy.  Now I know this style isn’t for everyone because there is potential for some major frizz, so if you want a more defined look that is still very voluminous, try this flat twist out on dry hair.

Since installing this style I haven’t twisted my hair for preservation, but plan to twist it up tonight.  I’ll probably even infuse some more moisture by using the techniques found here.

I’ll definitely do this more often because it doesn’t take long and the results are fantastic.  Little effort in styling is a lazy naturals dream!

How are you stepping into the New Year?