From Colorful Tresses to Back to Blonde!


No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  My natural hair is back to blonde after being red, purple and a variety of colors.

I’m not too sure how long I will keep it this way, but for now I am totally diggin’ how it looks! Here’s how I achieved this look:

Products used:
ion Color Brilliance Ammonia Free Permanent Creme Dye in 10.NN
ion Color Brilliance Ammonia Free Developer in 32 Volume

Per the video, you can see how I applied the color.  I used the balayage method to apply the color, starting first at the tips of my hair and moving inward for different processing times (you can see a similar method used here).

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Since this isn’t semi-permnanent dye like I typically use for my fun colors, this isn’t a tutorial.  I am simply just sharing what I did to get the color I’ve got but listen here:  if you are nervous about doing this method consult a professional FIRST!  If you aren’t nervous, but have questions about any of this process – consult a professional!  If you think your hair will fall out during this process and you don’t want to look like a bald head scalawag – CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL.  You guys know that is what I preach all the time, this ain’t new.

IF YOU, by chance, feel like a daredevil and want to go for it – READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS ON WHATEVER COLOR YOU’RE USING FIRST.  Read them all.  Follow them.  Do the patch tests.  Research the brands.  Do all your studying BEFORE purchasing the dye so that you will know what to expect when dying your hair at home.

I am gearing up to release the tutorial of the style I wore in this video, so that will be up next (stay tuned)!