Exploring Nature in Tokyo | Hamarikyu Garden


Day One
Armed with about 4 hours of sleep, we got up and dressed, ate a little breakfast, and headed out to our first destination: Hamarikyu Garden.

We took the train to Shiodome station (purchased an all day pass) and had to walk maybe 5 minutes to arrive at Hamarikyu Garden.  Though there was a slight nip in the air, the sun was shining, the people were out and about, and the garden was simply beautiful!  Who knew such a hidden gem is tucked away in the middle of a busy city?


Unbeknownst to us, there was a tea house located within the garden.


We decided to stop for 2 cups of Matcha and shared a Wagashi.


You can read about our experience here:

While exploring the #Hamarikyu Gardens, @mcsadsarin and I decided to stop by a tea house in Nakashima that’s in the middle of the pond. . Of course, before entering you have to take off your shoes (make sure you don’t have on those hole-in-the-toe socks you’ve been hoarding 😐 I’m talking to you (and myself), Fam) and greet the host. You then order whatever you’d like from the menu and take a seat in a designated area. There are no chairs so you’ve gotta get low (no furniture inside actually, though you can have a seat outside on a bench – make sure to wear the provided slippers)! . We ordered two Matcha (green) teas 🍵 and Wagashi, a Japanese sweet 🍥, to share. If you know me you know I love my herbal teas! I was so excited to try it so I dove in. Y’all – I was sipping on the realest tea I’ve ever tasted. If you’re not into the “earthy” taste then this may not be for you (though the 🍥 will help sweeten the taste). Once I completed the cup, I wiped it clean and sat there in gratitude. ☺️ . Such an awesome experience. . One cup down, many more to come 💜 | #Tokyo 🇯🇵 #travelnoire

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Once we finished our treat and our teas, we walked throughout the garden admiring how green it was and how beautiful the skyline was from the river side.

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Not knowing what was really planned for our outing, when my husband suggested a river ride I was hesitant to say the least.  Do I really want to go on this ride?  Do I really feel like sitting on this boat?  Oh, what the heck!  I agreed to the ride and I’m glad that I did!


On our river tour, we got to see and learn more about the bridges built along that river, as well as seeing the Asahi Beer headquarters – a building that resembles a mug of beer!


The final destination of this boat ride? Asakusa!  Once we docked, we walked right over the Senso-Ji Temple and immediately noticed how packed it was!

Asakusa-Temple-Tokyo-Japan Asakusa-Tokyo-Japan-askpRoy

Before entering the temple, we stopped by the huge incense burner.


The temple itself isn’t that large, so it only took a quick walk-through before we were standing outside of these gigantic, ornate doors:

Temple Doors // Senso-Ji Temple Asakusa, #Tokyo 🇯🇵

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It was lunch time and we were a little hungry, so after we walked through the temple we went to the grab a snack – melon bread.  It was so soft, sweet and damn delicious!!


We perused the streets for a while, noting the little shops along the way and made our way back to the train station for our next stop: Ueno.


We were on the hunt for Cherry Blossoms in Ueno, to which we only found two trees in full bloom.  Though there was a lack of trees in bloom, that didn’t stop people from coming out and having picnics or a quiet stroll in the park.  There were many people sitting by the fountain, to which we also decided to enjoy.  It was such a beautiful feeling just being there.


At last it was dinner time and I really wanted to experience some vegetarian food.  It took us FOREVER to find this place and I can’t really say it was absolutely worth finding.

Chien-Fu-Tokyo-Japan Chien-Fu-Fried-Rice-Tokyo-Japan

The name of the restaurant is Chien Fu and enjoyed a subpar meal (the picture above is “fried rice”). After dinner we had to make one last stop: Tokyo Tower!  Hubby really wanted to see it at night and since we weren’t too far away from it we headed over for a few photos of the outside:Tokyo-Tower-Tokyo-Japan Tokyo-Tower-Japan

Finally, after a full day of exploring we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a good night’s sleep!

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