Kimonos and Head Wraps | Tokyo


Day Two
Imagine falling asleep under the Tokyo Tower and waking up to this glorious view… I wish!

If you read about our adventures from Day One, you know we already saw the tower at night.  What you and I didn’t know is that my husband planned a tour for us and guess what locations were on the tour?  The Tokyo Tower and Asakusa.

Though we’d already been to both locations, we didn’t have our camera nor did we get a chance to go inside of Tokyo Tower so everything worked out!

By the way, this day I decided to sport a head wrap because I was way too tired to do my hair the night before.  The head wrap was gifted to me by London Ivy Products.




The look from above was awesome, but what would you expect the view to be like in a building that is 333 meters tall?  Well, we were only 150 meters high because that’s where the main observatory is located.  Had it not been so cloudy, we would have been able to see Mt. Fuji in the distance!


The crowd inside was quite chaotic.  I don’t know what time of day I would suggest going to Tokyo Tower to avoid the crowd, but don’t go in the morning!  Everyone and their mama was there and it was just too much going on!


If you’re brave, you can stand on the looking glass and look directly below the tower.  If you are afraid of heights I wouldn’t suggest ANY OF THIS to you, but if you’re not it’s an awesome view.  And yes, we have on matching shoes.  Fun fact: we travel in matching shoes when we are about to visit a country together for the first time or when we do something life changing together!


Peace out, Tokyo Tower! Now onward to the Imperial Palace.  We only got to view the outside of the palace because it is only open to the public on January 2.  There is the East Garden that is open certain days throughout the week, but we didn’t mind just strolling by and taking a few pictures.



Here’s a cherry blossom tree we spotted trying to bloom.  I wonder what it looks like these days…


The next stop on the tour was Asakusa.  We knew exactly where we wanted to go and what shots we wanted to take, so we roamed freely for about 45 minutes.  We even stopped to get more melon bread.  Word to the wise: eat/drink near or inside of the restaurant or vending machine.  Trash cans are few and far between and throwing your trash on the ground is not even an option!



snacks-tokyo-japan melon-bread-asakusa-tokyo-japan-askpRoy









So glad I got to see these women in kimonos while in Tokyo!  They (the women and the kimonos) were so beautiful!  I found out kimonos can be rented at local shops while touring around Asakusa.  There’s a part of me that wishes I purchased a kimono while there, but I’d much rather admire them on others who wear it with purpose.  When would I wear it?

From there, we went to Tokyo Station and dined at T’s TanTan.  Some of THE BEST vegan ramen I have ever tasted – IN LIFE!  Did I mention that Tokyo Station is soooooo freakin’ busy/huge?  We were so confused by the train lines in Tokyo Station that we ended up walking out just to find a station with the Ginza line so we could stop in Akihabara.

The caption below explains it all:

One of the first stores I saw: SEGA!



And hubby couldn’t resist getting a toy at the vending machine.

akihabara-tokyo-japan-toy-vending-machine akihabara-tokyo-japan-vending-machine-toy

While I ducked into every magna store there was looking for just one English copy to take home.  I either didn’t look hard enough or there just weren’t any because I left empty handed. Bummer.


But I did get to leave with these Kit Kats!  Green tea flavor are my favorite, followed by the Roasted Tea Flavor.  All of the other ones are way too sweet for me.  In case you didn’t know, Kit Kats are best enjoyed when they are left in the fridge for a while #yourewelcome

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There are not set rules of what to do while in Tokyo, but it seems to me the theme of this day was “just be yourself”.  If you want to visit a place twice, do it.  Dress how you want.  Read what you like.  Eat what you want.  Do whatever it is that makes you happy and feel alive.

I know I did.

It really doesn’t matter what others may think of you.  You just gotta do you, boo!

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