Tokyo Japan | The Arrival


Anyone down to visit Tokyo Japan in Spring?  

Back in March, my husband and I traveled to Tokyo, Japan to celebrate my birthday!  After a month of sitting on these pictures and experiences (way too much going on in life) I’m finally able to share my amazing experience with you, Fam!  Treat this as a day-by-day travel guide for anyone who may be interested in traveling to Tokyo, Japan and want some ideas of “what to do for the low-low while still having a good time”.

We decided to book our trip for five full days in Japan making Tokyo our focus (to make the most out of our time).  We stayed at Hotel Asia Center of Japan which was reasonably priced and a comfortable stay.  We also only used public transportation (the train system) as a means to get around which also was the cheapest way to make moves in Tokyo.  I left hubby in charge of mapping out major landmarks we would visit while there (of course giving him ideas of some of the things I wanted to see, too).

The Arrival
Packed with only a carry-on and armed for a 13 hour trip to Asia, we flew into Haneda Airport and arrived in Japan around the early 22 hour mark (10PM). Since we made it through customs in pretty good time, we decided to take the train from there to Tokyo (which was significantly cheaper and quicker than taking any other mode of transportation)!


If we had fully thought about it, we would have purchased a multi-day pass for the train system right then and there.  Instead, we struggled at the kiosk trying to figure out which ticket to get us from there to the next station (late night, long travel brain) so we got the ticket we needed and jetted toward the platform.

Tokyo Train System

The train arrived not too long after we made it to the platform and was relatively empty since it was so late at night.  We traveled for about 25 minutes before arriving at Daimon station.  We tried to use our tickets to get on the next train… yea… didn’t happen.  Apparently there are a few different lines owned by different companies so you can either 1) purchase a pass that allows of you to ride them all or 2) buy a separate ticket.  We just bought a separate ticket (about $2), rode the train to our next location, Aoyama Itchome, and walked the rest of the way to our hotel (only a 5 minute walk).

Once we arrived at the hotel we weren’t at tired as we should have been so we showered and tried to lay down to no avail.  Since my hair wasn’t done, I used this time to set it for the next day (I rocked this style here).  The only English-speaking channel on TV was BBC, so we watched that for a while before turning to some Japanese game show that was quite … interesting and entertaining.

Eventually I fell asleep, but it wasn’t long before I would wake up to a beautiful sunrise…

Morning views and Kimonos. Ohayo gozaimasu, #Tokyo 🇯🇵

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