Shibuya at Night | Tokyo Skytree


We started Day 3 off rather slowly.  It had been raining for a little while and since we weren’t pressed to explore Japan in the rain we opted to stay inside and relax a little and just enjoy each other.  Once I got tired of him (lol, just kidding!) we mapped out our next move.

What was something we wanted to do while in Tokyo that would be great to see afternoon/night-time?  The Skytree and Shibuya!

First stop, Tokyo Skytree!


The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest building in Japan.  We started and ended our Tokyo Skytree adventure on the first observation deck that is 350 meters high!  Also on that deck is the Skytree Cafe, another restaurant and some pretty epic views of the city!

tokyo-skytree-japan-askpRoy-outlook tokyo-skytree-japan-askpRoy-backview tokyo-skytree-japan-beautiful-view tokyo-skytree-japan-bridge-water tokyo-skytree-japan-view tokyo-skytree-japan-beidge

The love of my life – awwwww 🙂


Once we finished snapping pictures and what not, we decided to leave the Skytree to grab a bite to eat.  Of course we took the metro and to my surprise it was empty (we were the first and last stop).








Next stop: Shibuya!  The ride wasn’t long – maybe 35 – 40 minutes, but by the time we got off – YOWZERS!  Talk about a packed train!

packed-train-tokyo-japanShibuya is known for its entertainment and shopping, as well as the night life which was a PERFECT place to visit so late in the day!  We had to walk across Shibuya Crossing which is INSANE.  It’s so many people walking all at once but the chaos is extremely organized.


Shibuya Crossing and yes, all of the walkways give the green light at the same time!



Our hotel had these handy maps that listed 101 Things to Do in ________ (insert city names here) and we found one for Shibuya that listed a vegan restautrant, Nagi Shokudo.


shibuya-tokyo-japan-askpRoy-standingIt was a hidden gem, resting next to the restaurant PinoJalice.  I took a picture of it so that in case any of you wanted to visit you would know exactly where to go.


No real signage, but it’s there!


The vibe of this place is totally laid back and hipster.  The music was chill and the people were friendly.  The food was also extremely delicious!




Couldn’t really tell you what I ordered, but the portion size was pretty large!  I was definitely full when I left this place, that’s for sure!

After we left there, we went to the 25th floor of the Shibuya Excel Hotel to get an awesome picture of Shibuya Crossing.


The staff, probably flooded with hundreds of people who want to do the same thing we were doing, weren’t really up for the whole “come in, take a picture and leave” deal so we enjoyed a drink at the bar.  The view there was also pretty epic!


I also tipped into the bathroom to take a picture with the bomb ass lighting!  Have you ever experienced a toilet in Japan?  GAME. CHANGING.  You can read all about my not-so-shitty  (catch that wordplay, though!) experience below:

This post about #Tokyo 🇯🇵 is gonna get a little … personal 💩(if you will). The toilets here consist of two extremes: Western and Eastern. . Eastern toilets 🕳 are literally a hole in the ground. You pop a squat (a very low squat), do your business over a hole, freshen up and flush it out. If you lack balance be prepared to shift here, there and everywhere. 🙄 These types of toilets are typical for this side of the world as I’ve experienced them in China, Thailand, Philippines … Hell, even in Europe. Some of those didn’t even flush but do ya thang whoadie… 😷 (for the record, the ones I’ve seen here have been the top notch of any of those I’ve ever experienced – just throwing that out there). . Oh, and don’t have anything your pockets AND don’t touch the floor in any way shape or form ’cause you will definitely be 🎤 looking like a fool with your pants on the ground! 🎤 . Western toilets 🚽 are what we typically see in the US, except these over here?! On steroids 💊. I’ve seen and experienced bidet and spray toilets before, but not these monsters. They have every feature you can think of – temperature controlled bidet and spray, auto low-flow water fill, heated seats, order popcorn 🍿 if you’re gonna be there for a while (ok, maybe not the last one BUT you get it)! A different type of luxury for your bum. #getintoit . Last but not least, certainly doesn’t have to do with the toilet but more with the aftercare of using the restroom – hand washing. After you wash your hands 👐🏾 (which should always happen even though I know some of you don… Nevermind) you will need to dry them. There are some places that have the air dryer, but it’s not typical. Did I mention how clean it is over here? Extremely. So no overflowing bathroom trash cans full of paper towels will be spotted here. Your best bet: bring a hand towel/handkerchief with you to wipe your hands dry after washing. Ain’t no one got time to be cleaning up your trash, breh. . This post was brought to you by the beautiful lighting on the 25th floor of the Shibuya Excel Hotel. Thank you for the perfect selfie lighting. #andimgone ✌🏾️

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The only thing left to do in Shibuya now?  Explore the nightlife!  Hubby and I walked around the shopping district for a while, you know… until we got tired, and headed back to the hotel.  The real treat was seeing Shibuya at night.  It’s so colorful and full of life.  It truly is the definition of a city that NEVER sleeps!! #moveoverVegas

shibuya-tokyo-japan-nightlife-askproy shibuya-tokyo-japan-nightlife

bAPE store was love.  The visuals and set up inside are so dope.  Take a peek inside when you visit!


We did all of this while remembering one of the pioneers of this rap game, Phife Dawg.  RIP.

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Until tomorrow, Tokyo …

Enjoying our adventures so far and want more commentary?  Check out this video!

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