Purple Spiral Curls on Natural Hair

Spiral Curls on Natural Hair askpRoy

Nope! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you my natural hair is indeed the color PURPLE yet again!  I mean, just last week I was blonde and brown so this change is … slightly drastic.  You can see how I achieve the purple color here.  But that’s not why we’re here… or it is?

Okay, that may be one reason, but the other reason is I wanted to show you all how to create spiral curls on natural hair with my purple hair.  Yea, yea – I know I’ve done rod sets before – HELL, I’ve even shown you all how to install perm rods!  But this is different.  I haven’t done a rod set on my purple hair in TWO YEARS!  Crazy as it may seem, two years ago is the first time I went purple.  Then, I had a short tapered cut. You can see the video for that below:

But now, my hair is a little longer and before I get sick of the color (not to say I will but you guys know I love to switch it up) I wanted to create a spiral set just to see how it would turn out.  Well – what do you think?

I started on freshly washed hair and used the Obia Naturals Curl Moisture Cream as a leave-in conditioner.  To set my style, I used an oldie BUT goodie: Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Lotion.  You can see how a review and how I used it previously here.

I also used a variety of rod sizes, focusing the larger ones toward the front of my hair and the smaller ones toward the back.  This helps my hair fall into the shape I like.

I allowed my hair to air dry overnight and the next day, I took down the rollers adding just a little Alikay Naturals Essential 10 Oil to my hands for the takedown. I then used my pick and my fingers to fluff out the hair to my liking.

The results were perfection! The shine, the curls, the overall look with the purple … GAHHHHH!  Purple spiral curls for the WIN!

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Are you gagging like I am?

Oh, let me not forget to show you day two hair.  To preserve this style, I slept on my back on a satin pillowcase – no bonnets, no hair wraps.  You can see what I do in the video to refresh the look!

Spiral Curls on Natural Hair (close up) - askpRoy