Flexirods on Dry Natural Hair | Cheat Sheet

Who knew flexirods on dry natural hair produced these results?flexirods on dry natural hair

I didn’t.

I can tell you, I’ve used flexirods MANY times (mainly on wet natural hair), but these results have made me believe in quick styling without having to wait HOURS for my hair to dry.  Now if I could just master the art of sleeping in flexirods…

I want to share what I did to achieve this style.  By the looks of my product list below, you may be left with your mouth slightly agape.

flexirods on dry natural hair

Products I Used:
TGIN Twist and Define Cream
Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush

One product and a couple tools.  That’s all.

Here’s a full video tutorial on how I created this style:

The style was easy enough to create.  I started on dry natural hair and, starting from the back, sectioned off a medium sized section.

After applying the moisturizer, I detangled the section and twisted it around the flexirod.  I used two types of flexors for this – a smaller size for the back and a larger size for the top.  For the curls in the back, I folded the flexirod in half and wrapped hair around each side.

Once the style was set, I waited for it to dry completely.  Now, the style probably was set a few hours later, but me being lazy I kept them in overnight.  BIG MISTAKE.  I already have trouble sleeping because I’m pregnant, but it’s even more uncomfortable with these types of rollers in your hair.  Ugh.

The next day, I took the flexirods out by unwrapping the hair from around them, separated the sections and pinned the back.  I honestly didn’t like the way the hair was falling and to me, the only way to salvage the style was to pin it up in the back. That’s what happens sometimes but you gotta roll with the punches, right?


The style lasted about two days, but I guess that could give you time to figure out what you wanted to do for wash day.

I attempted to execute this style again using gel, but it was too wet and the style didn’t set long enough so it came out kinda puffy/not as defined.  Such is freakin’ life.

Create slightly smaller sections.  I noticed that one of the sections I had was wanky simply because it was too big.  Watching the section size will really help this style set nicely.

Add water, maybe?  I don’t know if that’s wise since I shared with you that the gel style didn’t set as quickly.  So if you are going to go that route, make sure you allot more time for drying.

Here is the cheat sheet for this flexirods on dry natural hair style for you to save for future reference:

flexirods on dry natural hair

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  • Nokhanyo Njokwana

    Congratulations on the pregnancy. I’m also currently pregnant and I’ve had no energy for my hair but this looks easy enough. I might not finish it though,lol. I might just decide to take a nap halfway through.