Quick Style Cheat Sheet: Twist Out on Dry Natural Hair

Who doesn’t love a quick style to revitalize dry natural hair?


My life has been full of movement these days and I haven’t really had time to buy new products (or do my hair for that matter).  I decided to create a quick style series focusing on the products that I have in my possession to 1) cut back on how much product I have and 2) purge what I don’t like. #nomoreproductjunkie

I’ll provide you guys with a cheat sheet on how I executed the style and the names of the products I use, you can save or repost it for future use to reference what I did in one, quick glimpse.


Since I’ve gotten fairly acquainted with dry natural hair, I needed to infuse as much moisture as possible to hold me over until I wash and deep condition.  I unknowingly did the LOC Method on my hair (LOC stands for Leave In, Oil and Cream), but it was perfect since I have a new climate to combat.

You can watch the whole process below:

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Products I used:
Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In
Beemine Organics Bee Hold Curly Butter
Beemine Organics Hair Growth Serum (Without Sulfur)
Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush
Perm Rods (optional)
Hair Chalk (optional)

What I did:
I started on dry natural hair (duh) and didn’t add any water to the mix.

Next, I lightly spritzed the Leave-In all over my hair for added moisture, then section by section as I worked.

Then, I applied the Curly Butter to the section, really working it into my strands.

From that section I created a smaller section, used my detangling brush to remove the tangles, and twisted the section creating medium sized twists all over.

Once I was finished twisting all sections, I used the hair serum (oil) on my scalp and ends to seal in that moisture.

And because I wanted a little curl at the ends of my hair, I used small perm rods at the end of every twist.

The next day, I took down the rods and twists, separated them to my liking and used a pick and my fingers to fluff out my hair to my liking.  I also added a little bit of hair chalk to you know – spice up the style!

What I Would Change:
Well, because the leave-in and the curly butter are amongst some of my favorite products I knew that would work well together.  The hair serum?  Not so much.  I don’t like the way it has made my hair feel over the course of the days after using it.  Upon further investigation (i.e. reading the product ingredients) I learned that it contained coconut oil as it’s primary oil base.  Naa.  My hair/scalp doesn’t like it one bit!  So I will be trashing that product.

Also, these products play well with my color treated natural hair and really combat any dryness I felt prior to using them.  Dry natural hair is NOT the business and because I’ve been neglecting my hair, I have seen a little bit of breakage (more info to come in a later post).


So there’s the cheat sheet!  I say, this is definitely a good way to purge the products and with a cheat sheet I know exactly what I used and how I used it.  Grabbing some more products and giving you my two cents on those soon!


  • Queen Toshe

    All the leave in conditioners I have are in a jars vs spray bottle. Would this style still work?