10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Around this time last year, unbeknownst to many including you guys, my husband and I completed the 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. It was probably one of the best detoxes/challenges I’ve ever completed as it instilled not only better eating habits, but also served as a form of discipline for the both of us.  Oh, and can I say my skin and body felt and looked absolutely amazing?  I want to say I lost around 8 lbs in total, but I also lost some inches.  I can’t remember the exact measurements or start weight, but here is a picture comparison I took a year ago:

10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Results

I think it’s fair to note that I am a vegetarian so I already do not eat meat and am very limited on the amount of dairy I eat (primarily on pizza), but eating processed foods (hello – are you there pizza? french fries? veggie burgers?) is something I occasionally indulge in.  I also do NOT drink caffeine.

We started the challenge in the midst of our training season for our half marathon that turned into a 10K because we truly weren’t focused (but that’s another story).  We didn’t know how well we would be able to commit due to the excessive running and conditioning we were doing.  It worked out FINE – no modifications, no skipping out on our commitment whatsoever.

What is the 10 Day Smoothie Challenge?
The 10 Day Smoothie Challenge we followed was developed by JJ Smith.  The purpose is to detox/cleanse the body and in return, one may see weight loss, higher energy levels, a clear mind, less cravings for unhealthy foods, and an overall improvement of health and digestion.  There are two formats you can follow – the full detox or the modification.  The full detox is 10 days only smoothies and small snacks.  The modified version allows for one healthy meal in place of a smoothie per day.  You can learn more about the smoothie challenge here.

It is NOT a diet.  It is NOT a weight loss program.  It is NOT a quick fix.  It is NOT going to make you eat better unless YOU’RE ready to eat better.  It IS a life changing experience.

Since I am with child this go around, I will play everything by ear until I can feel out my body but I know the modified version is what I’ll be following.  Quite frankly, the smoothies are pretty much what my meals are throughout the day – veggies and fruit.  My focus during this pregnancy (minus the times where I indulge in pizza) has been to be as healthy as possible.  I eat a (huge) salad a day.  I focus on high fiber foods that aids in digestion and uh, you know… constipation (TMI).  I also drink tons and tons of water – about a gallon a day.  This challenge isn’t too far off from what I’m doing now, but I definitely want it to aid in weening me off dairy and gluten because when it comes time to breastfeed I’d rather have them eliminated from my body altogether.  So you can say my main goal for this smoothie challenge is to decrease/eliminate processed foods, dairy and gluten from my diet.  I’m not trying to lose weight or anything drastic like that, just trying to be a healthier me!

I WILL NOT BE STARVING MYSELF – I REPEAT – I WILL NOT BE STARVING MYSELF.  Hell no.  Can’t do it. I already don’t eat a whole lot so I just can’t … nope.

Today is day one for us.  I fixed 72 ounces worth of smoothie (half for me, half for hubby) and along with enjoying that, I will indulge in the following snacks: handful of mixed nuts (no salt), 2 hard boiled eggs, nut butter with celery sticks, and 1 avocado.  My meal will be a nice, full salad – dark, leafy greens, grape tomatoes and cucumbers.  Might include a radish, carrot, and/or my eggs in the mix.  No dressing.  No salt.  Might add some chickpeas for additional protein.  I’ll keep taking my prenatal pills and my liquid iron supplement (not cutting that out), and of course my sleep will go untouched (because I’m making another life so – yea).  Oh, and I will be drinking herbal tea all day – chamomile and raspberry leaf tea will be in HEAVY rotation (as they are everyday).

And I will continue to exercise!

Those are the plans for day one and if they work out nicely, day two and onward will probably reflect something similar.  I think the biggest thing I’ll miss is hot sauce (LOL) but I’ll add some cayenne pepper to my snacks and meals if I miss the spice.  No biggie right?

Berry Green Smoothie

Today’s Smoothie: Berry Green
If you’d like to learn more about the ingredients of this smoothie and do this challenge with me, you can find out more information here.

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