Three Strand Twist Out on Natural Hair

Three Strand Twist Out on Natural Hair askpRoy

A three strand twist out on natural hair.  Typically, that wouldn’t be such an “aha” moment for me, but to be frank: in all of my years of returning to my natural texture, I have never even attempted a three strand twist out on natural hair.  Never.

So this was new territory for me.  And as much as I love to experiment with my hair – dye it, cut it, style it – you name it! – I can’t understand why in the world I have never tried the three strand twist out.

You can check out the results here:

What I Used:
Products I used for three strand twist outI used some staples as well as some new products.  I will have to do a thorough review on the newer products so stay tuned for that!

Giovanni Direct Leave-In
BeeMine Organics BeeHold Curly Butter
Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush
Blue Perm Rods

Obia Naturals Sweet Almond Heavy Cream
Obia Naturals Argon Rose Hair Oil

What I Did:
First, I washed my hair.  I shampooed with BeeMine Moisturizing Shampoo.  I also used another product that I haven’t mentioned on the blog, London Ivy Holy Grail Conditioner – BOMBT and Black owned.  It really melts the tangles away!

Hair wasn’t completely dry before I started the style, but it wasn’t soaking wet either.  It had some moisture so the style would hold and I sealed that in with Giovanni Direct Leave-In.  I then sectioned my hair and flat twisted the sides using both the Obia Naturals Heavy Cream and BeeMine Organics BeeHold Curly Butter.

After installing four flat twists, I decided to three strand twist the remaining hair.  I again used Obia Naturasl Heavy Cream and BeeMine Organics BeeHold Curly Butter, detangled each section with my Felicia Leatherwood brush, and three strand twisted the section.  I was going for a medium to chunky size twist and wasn’t aiming for perfection.

I sealed in all that moisture with the Obia Naturals Argon Rose Hair Oil, added perm rods to all ends, and let it dry until it was completely dry to the touch (that could take a overnight if air drying and a few hours if using a heat tool). If you are unsure about how to use perm rods you can catch a quick tutorial here.

For the takedown, I oiled my fingers with the Argon Rose Oil, removed the rods, and unraveled the three strand twists, keeping the ends of the flat twists in tact.  I achieved a great amount of volume, but wanted to kick it up just a notch so I picked my roots.  Of course I placed the pieces of hair where I wanted them to fall and when I was satisfied I was finished!  Absolutely loved my results!

Upkeep was easy, too.  I just slept on the side with the flat twists to avoid smashing the curls.  Style held up for 3-4 days without having to twist for preservation.  This was Day two:

Would I do it again? Well, maybe. The three strands didn’t take as long as I thought it would, but I don’t know if I have the patience right now being almost 34 weeks pregnant.

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Have you ever done a three strand twist out?  What did you think about your results?