Our Maternity Shoot

Our maternity shoot.  Can’t even believe I haven’t shared these pics!

Well, we shared a few pictures on Instagram and Facebook, however I wanted to share with you all more photos from my maternity shoot without spamming your timelines.

It’s common for mothers-to-be to take photographs of their bump sometime prior to birth.  I wanted to take my pictures as close to the due date as possible without being too uncomfortable doing it.  I also envisioned something authentic – you know, not in unrealistic places (i.e. nude in the middle of the forest, Portrait Innovations studio, etc.).  I wanted them to feel timeless.

Once we decided on the creative direction we were going, my dear husband grabbed the camera and started shooting.  That’s right – our maternity shoot was done by us in our home!

By the time we took these photos I was exactly 36 weeks.  Check out the pictures below:

Outfit Details: Dress – Ecoté via Urban Outfitters | Hair Details:  You can find out how I styled my hair here (I just pinned it up).

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!  I really think this is a perfect way to memorialize being a first time mother-to-be and my feelings toward the whole experience.  Though sometimes hard, my pregnancy experience was beautiful (you can hear more about it here).  Now to print these along with my Mother’s Day pics out and put them in a photo book… 🙂

Did you have a maternity shoot? Did you like the outcome?