My Labor and Delivery (Water Birth)

As promised, I am sharing my labor and delivery story holding NOTHING back!

I decided to go the water birth route and had midwives instead of an ob-gyn.

Why water birth, pRoy?
There was no question that I wanted a water birth.  Every picture I have ever seen of anyone having a water birth spoke volumes to me – mainly because it looked so peaceful.  I knew that birth would require focus and calmness; less of that chaotic shit you see on TV and more stillness, calm breathing, and softer interactions.  Since I view birth as transformative and absolutely beautiful, why not go the water birth route?

Other benefits included easier laboring in the water, lower blood pressure (means less stress), relaxing of perineum, and of course by being in the water, a less intrusive experience.

OB-GYN vs. Midwife
I’m actually not going to get into the specifics of which is better because each have a purpose, but my midwife was very personable, encouraged a natural birth, and stood behind me 100%.  She was there mainly to serve as a person who catches the baby leaving me to be the deliverer.

It was really important for me personally to have a natural birth.  I didn’t want any interventions, no meds, and no bright lights!  I created a birth plan during my pregnancy and adhered to it during my labor and delivery experience.  I wrote it down just so that my husband, in case of me being out of it, would be able to speak on my behalf.

Labor and Delivery
Here is an in depth video of my labor and delivery via a water birth.

While baby girl didn’t come out COMPLETELY in the water, I still consider it a water birth *shrug*.  It is called labor for a reason, guys.  It really is hard work having a baby!!

And if I had to do it all over again, I would choose the same route.

We had a birth photographer present in the room in addition to my midwife, nurse and my husband. Five people in total.  No mothers, mother-in-laws, cousins… none of that.  I believe having those people in there made for a more relaxed experience.

Speaking of birth photographer, if you would like to see more pictures from my labor and delivery, you can click here.  Here are a few that we posted on Instagram:

In case you missed it, I gave you guys a look into my pregnancy experience and of my maternity shoot so make sure you check those out if you haven’t!

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