My Pregnancy Experience

My pregnancy experience was nothing short of exciting and life changing!  I told y’all I would backtrack with the scoop on my pregnancy and birth/labor story.  I mean, you’ve already seen Scout if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook or if you’ve seen my Mother’s Day post – yea, yea… but you haven’t heard all about my experience yet!

I decided to share my pregnancy experience with you all because I’ve been getting a lot of questions (surprisingly) about my whole experience.  Plus, I think it is important that women talk about their experiences with pregnancy so that other women who may be experiencing some of the same symptoms and feelings know that they are not alone.  Just note: no two pregnancies are the same so my experience will be unique to me.

You can check out the video below:

In this video, I cover the following topics:

Planned or nah?
When did you find out?
When did you first see baby?
Did you know gender?
1st trimester
2nd trimester
3rd trimester
Prenatal Care

Here are a few progression pictures from 1st trimester to the last days:

12 weeks 6 days – 18 weeks

19 weeks 5 days – 22 weeks 6 days

23 weeks 6 days – 25 weeks

29 weeks 6 days – 33 weeks 6 days

34 weeks 6 days – 38 weeks

39 weeks 4 days – 41 weeks
I also had a maternity shoot.  You can check out those pictures here.

It’s absolutely amazing how my body changed during pregnancy.  I carried very high (as you can see) and it goes against old wives tales of boy vs. girl.  Hell, a lot of my pregnancy went against old wives tales.  I say that to say – OLD WIVES TALES ARE ONLY TRUE 50% OF THE TIME!  I digress…

All in all, pregnancy was just that – an experience.  I had some good times, even had some ugly times, but I made it through!  There is no one experience that is the same so remember that when offering unsolicited advice and sharing your stories!

I carried Scout for 41 weeks 2 days.  I’ll get more into all of that during my birth/labor story!

And if you missed our pregnancy announcement video, you can watch it here:

I tried to cover everything I could remember, but if you have more questions feel free to ask them in the comment section.

How was your pregnancy experience?