Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there!

And to my husband —

You’ve been there

From the first moments of discovering we were pregnant, you wanted to shout it to the whole world! You showed up for every single appointment, you showered me with love and held me tight when I didn’t feel my best, and you never left my side during my 30+ hours of labor, genuinely surprised and completely taken when you saw our baby girl @scoutieoutiedopealicious for the first time.

And now that she’s here, you’ve shown us just how dope fatherhood is: from diaper duty to made up songs just to see her gummy smiles to sharing your interests with her through bedtime reading (really – sneaker books and Biggie lyrics? 😩😂). The way she lights up when Daddy comes into the room is priceless!

Friday night dances with my Dad @mcsadsarin 💜

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One thing’s for sure, though – God couldn’t have blessed me with a better husband nor could he have blessed Scout with a better father. We love you so much! Happy First Father’s Day Handsome @mcsadsarin 💜 | #thesadsarins