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Refresh Dirty Natural Hair

Dirty hair is dirty hair, but what if I told you you could refresh dirty natural hair into a cute style?  I mean c’mon, we all have a style that we can wear to get our hair through to the next good washing!

My regimen (which I will touch on later) is not too extensive and for what it’s worth, is pretty infrequent since having a newborn.  I have to do what is necessary for me to look halfway decent throughout the day and if that means forgoing washing my natural hair? So be it.

Back to Tapered Natural Hair

No real secrets going on here as I’ve been pretty blatant about it (via pictures), but I have cut my hair once again into my beloved tapered cut.  It was heavily on my mind while pregnant, so once I had Scout, I went into he bathroom and started chopping until I liked it.  It took maybe 2-3 times for me to get it how I like it, but because I’m still taking my prenatal pills my hair is still growing so quickly so I know another touch up will be necessary soon.

Also, because I am back to tapered natural hair, I don’t have as much hair to worry about which, when I’m in a pinch for time, is ideal.  I typically don’t even touch the sides or back unless I spot style those sections.  My main concern is the long middle – that’s it!

If you are looking to cut your natural hair into a tapered style, check this out first.

Products Used

For this quick style, I used the following:
Obia Naturals Curl Enhancing Custard
Obia Naturals Sweet Almond Heavy Cream
MyCurlSquad Rollers
Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush

How to Style

Since I’m styling dirty natural hair, I’ve naturally skipped the washing process.  Which leads me to the actual styling process which you can watch here:

I first removed all pins and large tangles from my hair and sectioned off the sides and back from the long top.  Concentrating on the long top, I first spritzed my hair with water (not too much), sectioned off a row of hair, and added just a tad bit of Obia Naturals Sweet Almond Heavy Cream.  Once that was massaged in, I sectioned off a small/medium section, detangled the section using my Felicia Leather Detangling Brush, and two-strand twisted the hair.

Once I completed that throughout my long top, I added rollers I purchased from instagram (@mycurlsquad).

For the sides and back, I spritzed my hair with water (a little more heavily than the top), added a small amount of Obia Naturals Curl Enhancing Custard to my fingertips, and created finger coils around the sides and back.  It was more so a spot style situation as I wasn’t concerned to grab every piece of hair and have it coiled.

Once that was to my liking, I let it hair air dry.  I will note, during the take down of the style (removed the rollers, unraveled the twists, fluffed and picked for volume), the back and sides were not COMPLETELY dry.  That was ok.  I was going out in the sun and knew those would dry up nicely and didn’t need to be styled any further.

Total style time, including dry time and take down: 3 hours

Progression of Style

This picture is from that day:

That night, I twisted the long top again, added rollers sans the product and just a little water, and once I took it out the next day these were my results:

And that night:

That night I didn’t do anything but go to sleep and here were my results the next morning:

And now I’m here – trying to figure out what to do with my hair next.  I actually have time to wash my dirty natural hair so here goes nothing…

How are you wearing your hair these days?