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Breastfeeding outfits can be a struggle since you need easy access to your breasts.  I get asked this question a lot, so I figured I share my response to the breastfeeding outfit dilemma!

askpRoy: Breastfeeding Outfits

Hey pRoy,

Do you nurse your daughter when you’re out and about?  I’ve been looking for nursing shirts that are cute and can’t really find any.

Nursing Shirts: Le Struggle

I sure do an oh, girl – I know your struggle.  I’m not sure who these designers make these shirts for, but they are NOT cute.

As for me, I avoid them altogether.

I’ve found it very easy to just find clothes in the women’s section and ask the following before I purchase:

Can I easily access my breasts without lifting my shirt?
Does it fit my esthetic?
Could I wear this without my baby being present and it still be stylish?
Do I feel like myself?
Am I a hot mama?

If I can answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions, it’s in the cart and ready to be purchased.

Shirt Styles for Breastfeeding Mamas

So far, I’ve found that low cut v-neck tops are abundant, but all are not created equally so I’ve sometimes gotta try them on and see where they land on my chest.  I like for them to fall within my cleavage area so it’s a guarantee I can get to my breasts easily in an event where the baby is crying frantically without stretching my shirt.

Off the shoulder tops work the absolute best!  Button-up shirts were my go-to from day one, especially since I didn’t really FEEL sexy or like myself and I’m not talking in terms of breasts, but I didn’t want to expose my stomach.  These days, I keep my top buttons unbuttoned and don’t mind lifting my shirt if necessary – hey, my baby has to eat, right?!

Layer Up!

You don’t have to buy new clothes, either.  You can use items that are already in your closet.

For example, there are many moms that wear two tank tops so that they can nurse their babies with their bellies covered by lifting up the first tank and lowering the tank underneath from the top.  I’m finding that this approach is ingenious especially now that the weather is colder and no one wants their skin exposed unnecessarily.

More than Just a Shirt

And of course the cut of the top can translate to a dress or jumpsuit.  Attending weddings have been a breeze for me and the baby because I choose dresses that either have that low v-neck or I don’t have to unbutton to access my breasts.

But Wait – There May Be Hope!

Since initially answering this question, I have found two brands that have some cute nursing outfits!  Loyal Hana and La Mére both have discrete nursing shirts that you can wear during pregnancy and postpartum (and did I mention they were pretty stylish, too?).

Whatever you decide, just make sure you feel comfortable in it and if you like it, I love it!  The possibilities are endless!

What are some of your favorite breastfeeding outfits?