Minimalist Gift Ideas for Babies and Kids

Thinking of minimalist gift ideas is hard work, but actually quite simple.

It’s that time of year where everyone is asking me “what is on the baby’s Christmas list?” and to be frank, I didn’t know for the longest.

We don’t do a lot of toys at the house because, well, clutter, and plus I think it’s important for kids to not have every toy on earth.  They are simple and would much rather play with the box the toy came in than the actual toy (don’t debate me, these are facts).

So what can you give a baby or kid besides a toy?

Well, below I’ve complied a list of minimalist gift ideas that babies, kids, and their minimalist parents will appreciate.

Minimalist Gift Ideas for Babies and Kids

Note:  These ideas can be used for any holiday or special occasion!


This was the first thing I thought to add to the list.  We like to sign her up for play dates around the city and some of them require memberships.  Since this is something she enjoys, why not add to that experience?  Memberships could be toward baby gyms, museums, pools –  and if these float your boat: the aquarium or the zoo.


Depending on what interests your child, you could be running to extracurricular activities often and with all the gear and lessons it takes, you could be spending a pretty penny.  Contributing to classes is a wonderful gift because you help cultivate the child’s interest.

Books & Music

Since we don’t do TV, books and music are our entertainment.  The library is free y’all, but we don’t live there and can’t always make it to check out of a book.  Plus, we all know there will need to be a few books on deck for daily and nightly reads so purchase with intention and purpose.  Personalized books seem to be the new trend, incorporating the child’s name and interests into a fun story they can read over and over again.  Audiobooks are also great ways to listen to a book without the physical commitment of having one (I still like physical books, though).

And what kid doesn’t like to sing and dance?  You can keep your CDs since there are a lot of music streaming services out there. A gift card toward any of those services would be clutch.


Experiences are the gift that keeps on giving.  My mom likes to refer to them as “getting cultured”.  If the child is old enough, I’m thinking gifting anything such as movie tickets, concerts, sports events, a cooking class, spa day – heck, even a vacation!  What I am saying here are the possibilities are endless and there is so much world out there for them to explore so gift them the opportunity to explore it.

Savings Fund

Whether you dabble in stock or saving accounts, you can’t go wrong with starting a nest egg for a baby.  Eventually the monies will be used toward something memorable in their lives.  For all we know, it could help them pay their future student loans or help them afford a down payment for a house!

So I’ve offered up some minimalist gift ideas for babies and kids, but what are some of yours?