The Year of Transformation: A 2017 Reflection

A Year of Transformation

Reflecting on the past year, I feel extremely full.  2017 was a year of transformation and I did just that.  Having a baby this past March has blessed me with the opportunity to become a bomb ass mama and has given me a new journey to share with you all: the new P.

I, like most of you, was able to create my best nine photos from 2017 here.  Though I didn’t post much this year, what I shared with you all was one of the most special and intimate moments in my life: becoming a mother.  I knew the top nine pictures would reflect this journey!

Write a Vision

And it’s true, motherhood is not a goal for all women, but you see it was for me.  I wrote this goal on my vision board in the beginning of 2016 and it came into fruition in 2017.  I shared how I did this back in October on my Instagram page:

Write a vision. Make it plain. — I shared my birth story with @thebirthhour and it was published today (be sure to take a listen when you get a chance – I posted all about it in my insta-stories). When speaking with Bryn, I let her know I created a vision board January 2016 and on it I wrote that I wanted to start a family, down to the month of conception. I also know physical and mental wellbeing during pregnancy are crucial, so I made it my goal to be as healthy as possible throughout. Furthermore, I knew I wanted a natural birth, but if I wasn’t in a good headspace that would be close to impossible. I wrote a birth plan & affirmations that would help me through laboring. Though flexible in how I achieved these goals, I made them. I prayed on them. I gave them to God. — In this photo you can see my affirmations posted while I labored. I read them when I needed to refocus. I believed in myself and my body and knew I could do anything through Christ and I before long, I had my sweet baby @scoutieoutiedopealicious in my arms. — And I share this with you guys today to let you know to write down your visions/goals, be flexible in how they are achieved, but most importantly think on them and give them to God. I’ve found that what I think on the most – good or bad – it happens, maybe not how I want it to happen, but His timing is unmatched. — #blackmothers #pregnancy #thebirthhour #naturalbirth

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By the way, if you didn’t listen to my ‘The Birth Hour’ podcast feature, you can hear it here.


The words “be flexible” stands out to me so much.  Like a tree, I stand tall in my truths – in my goals, my desires, my ambitions – but I’m not rigid.  If the wind (a situation) comes up where I need to bend, I do so to prevent from breaking.

By being flexible, I allowed myself to shift.  I added a new category to my blog: motherhood.  I was able to share my birth story and even touched on topics related to normalizing breastfeeding.  Most recently, I was featured by Popsugar, The Bump and my birth photographer, Monet Nicole, in their 2017 “best of” round-ups.

Reflecting on that move allowed me to see the value in sharing my story with you.  If only one person can relate and take something positive away from my life stories, I have done what God has put me on Earth to do: inspire through living.

The Same Attitude?

I’m taking this attitude with me into 2018.  I’ve written own my goals, I know what I want to accomplish and what needs to happen in order for progression to occur.  I’ve prayed over them, given them to God, and wherever He leads me I will follow.

The one goal that I started working on immediately was self-love via self-care.  I have invited you all to join me for The Self Love Project 2018, a 31 day journey throughout the month of January.  You can read more about that here.

A True Transformation

Being that we are ever-evolving, every year is a year of transformation.  I am just grateful for 2017 and all it had to offer, even when I didn’t fully see it:

Preparing for baby girl’s 9 month appt and of course I look through old pictures (when did she grow up so quickly? 😭). . I remember this picture like it was yesterday. She’d just turned one month four days earlier. I had just finished #breastfeeding her and she was sleeping on my chest. I took a million pictures (well, maybe 8) that day and posted or shared none of them. . I questioned who I was while I was snapping – who am I? I was a new mama, yes, but I didn’t see “me”. Where did I go? Who was this woman? I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t see me when I snapped those pictures. . Here I am, now, almost 9 months #postpartum. I look back at this picture and just stare. It captures the moment perfectly. I now see it all – a new mama with a content baby. I see the uncertainty of tomorrow, but the promise that I will make it better than today. I see the determination to be there – present – for my baby. I see the effort I put toward looking like someone I knew that day. I see that in that moment I was my best self and I know that I’m even better now. I see me – the new me, and am reminded that everyday is an adventure. And I’m grateful that I was able to snap this picture for this reflection. 😊💜 . #perspective #askproy #TheSadsarins

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This is what transformation looks like.

Here’s to seizing today and using it to make me one step closer to my 2018 goals!

So how do you feel about 2017?  Did you accomplish the goals you set for yourself?
If not, what will you do today to make sure you will progress toward your goals for 2018?


  • Victoria

    I set out a goal in 2015 (age 25) to be come debt free by the time I turned 30. In 2017, I paid off my student loans, and my car!! For 2018 I plan to keep building up my savings account and manage finances