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Faking a Shape on Natural Hair

There are two things I require my natural hair to have: good health and a bomb shape.  When I don’t have time for a proper trim, faking a shape on natural hair is my only option.

How I Fake a Shape on My Natural Hair

Basically I pick and pin my hair until it looks like a shape I like.  I’ve recorded a video about this before – no clue why it isn’t on here so I’m fixing that now.  Below is an example of how I did this on my shorter taper:

Now that my hair is longer (which I’m still debating on whether to cut it back down my taper or  not), I have to so a little more pinning and little less picking in certain areas.  I use my fingers to really separate the top and front while patting down the sides.  It is a very simple process.

What I Did Today

For today’s style, I started with retched twists.

They were pretty much on the downfall, so I thought I would salvage them by adding a perm rod to the ends and spritzing my hair with water after the all of the rods were in place.  I tied a scarf around them and went to bed.

In the morning, I removed the rods, added a bit of Obia Naturals Argon Rose Hair Oil to my hands, unraveled the twists and separated them for volume.

Then, I faked my shape by implementing the above technique. I used a wide tooth comb to pick my crown only.  I didn’t pick the back of my hair because I needed to keep that hair as close to my scalp as possible for a shape.  I pinned my bangs down and – tada!  Magical purple unicorn hair (you can read how I achieved the color here).

Here’s to me fakin’ a shape until I cut one 💜 #askpRoy

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How I Trim and Shape My Natural Hair

Hopefully before next wash, I will shape and trim my hair.  Faking a shape on natural hair can be time-consuming and inconsistent in results, so at least by committing to a cut I can style and go!  Below is how I trim and shape my hair:

How do you style your hair when you know you need a trim and a shape?