Self Love Project 2018 | Day 13

Today’s Affirmation

I acknowledge, trust, and listen to my gut.

My Gut is My Guide

My gut is my first line of defense against the BS.  It’s been known to give me the most uneasy, uncomfortable feeling when it needs my attention.  I’m talking hot flashes, goosebumps, and knots in my stomach.  It has even given me bubble guts (TMI – don’t care) when it wants me to just slow down, pause, breath and listen.

I’ve been places where I just didn’t feel right about the place.  When I feel that way, I typically leave because I feel like something is about to go down – 9 times out of 10 it does. #gutforthewin

Along with helping me to avoid dangerous and unhealthy situations, it helps me read energies.  I’ve been around people where my energy completely plummets.  In that moment, I know I have to get away – fast!  Likewise, I can tell if I someone or a situation is the perfect match for me – I just KNOW it’s right (kinda like when I knew my husband and I were perfect for one another).

I can also sense when people are in trouble or need some help.  My gut causes me to reach out to people I haven’t spoken to in forever (or speak to on a regular basis) just to see how they are doing, not knowing they aren’t doing well at all and need to talk.

Trust Your Gut

I trust my gut, but I can’t say I alway listen to my gut.  I pay big time when I don’t, though.

Let me tell you – my gut is so right, when my husband suggests something and I attempt to compromise even when my gut says not to, shit goes awry.  What can I say?  My gut knows what’s best for me.

This is why TODAY I am affirming that I will acknowledge, trust, and LISTEN to my gut.

Self Care

Today’s self care was all about brunch!  Pass the mules and mimosas, please 💁🏾

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