Self Love Project

Self Love Project 2018 | Day 22

Fear of Self Promotion

Self promotion can feel like you’re driving down the neighborhood street way above the speed limit, honking the loudest, most obnoxious horn while all while the kids are playing in the street.  It’s almost as if you’re asking yourself: why are you so loud and commanding so much attention? Slow down, relax, and be humble.

I have struggled with the balance of this for years.  On one end, I don’t want to sound boisterous.  On the other end, I want to share the happiness in my life.

This is Humility

I realized the reason behind not wanting to share was less about being humble and more about catering to the emotions of others – what would they think of me? I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, so I’ll just keep it to myself.  

It shouldn’t feel like that at all.  Being humble is about being confident in our respective journeys, understanding our process is our own to enjoy (no one else’s), knowing we aren’t done living and learning,  and showing we are grateful for where we are right now.  I live in my lane, I work hard, and I deserve to share my happiness with the world.

Which leads me to today’s affirmation:

I value my successes and self-promote with enthusiasm.


How else will people know what you can do and what you’ve accomplished if you don’t tell them?


Let ‘Em Know, Boo!

Whether you suffer from impostor syndrome or you just aren’t about self promotion, it’s important to find a way to get over the fear of shining bright!  You deserve all you have accomplished and more and it’s time for you to let people know what you are capable of.  Closed mouths don’t get fed so self-promote: let us know your capabilities and your recent accomplishments/recognitions!

Recent Accomplishments

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Also, I am a judge for Birth Becomes Her Photo Contest and today happens to be the last day for photo submissions so go-go-go!

What are some of your most recent accomplishments and/or recognitions?

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